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Hello Jo Power Hair Masks

I absolutely adore the scent of coffee... in a drink, in food and in beauty products, there is something about the aroma that just captures my attention.  When I saw that Hello Jo had launched onto Feelunique, I instantly wanted to try everything - the eye masks, the lip masks and of course the hair care.

Hello Jo Beauty has quite the story to tell. Described as being the new Korean developed Caffeine-Active Hello Jo Beauty’s goal is to be more than just a beauty brand and create a community for women and girls to speak out – a forum for discussion. The name Hello Jo derives from hello being the most important and most used word in the world to immediately build connections and Jo is the female version of “Joe” which is another word for coffee in so much as you might say "fancy a 'cup of Joe’" to someone, not something I have personally ever said but still there it is. Hello Jo Beauty agreed on three beauty beliefs, three things are so important to them as a brand, no matter what we do, they will always strive to live by them - Expression, Energy and Empowerment, and you can find out more about the story behind the brand here.

Hello Jo Beauty chooses to use caffeine within their product range like many beauty brands because there are so many skincare and hair care benefits to caffeine and they include:
  • Caffeine is a powerhouse antioxidant which helps to fight free radical damage from pollution, toxins, and the sun.
  • It has amazing anti-inflammatory properties which help to calm, and soothe stressed skin, reducing redness and evening skin tone.
  • Reduces puffiness and under eye shadows created by eye bags.
  • Stimulates the scalp to support hair growth and strengthen the hair shaft.
  • Adds natural shine to the hair making it glossy and more manageable reducing the dreaded frizz!
So with all of this in mind and of course the linking to K-Beauty, the first products I have got my hands on are the Hello Jo Power Hair Masks. I make no secret of how important a hair mask is and this is regardless of your hair type, be it long or short, thick or thin, straight or curly. I used to think they were a complete waste of time and effort until I was introduced to one brand who literally changed my how hair looks and feels.

Hello Jo Power Hair Masks
Hello Jo Power Hair Masks
Hello Jo Pack of Power Hair Masks (£15) are described as being infused with a powerful, nourishing combination of active caffeine and natural argan, olive and moringa oils, our first ever sheet mask for hair helps tame frizz, reduce breakage and smooths and prevents split ends.  This might come as news to you, but did you know you might have been using your hair masks incorrectly?  Most of us, sometimes myself included, often apply a hair mask t the roots of our hair as well as to the length, in some cases this can cause further build up on the scalp which in turn blocks hair follicles, inhibits hair growth, and can cause itchiness and flaking.  Now I do have a few masks that are designed for the scalp but on the whole, unless it states I can use my mask there, I don't, I use it on my length and ends.

The Hello Jo Power Hair masks are the most unusual I have ever used, as you can see from the photo below (kindly used with permission from FeelUnique).  To use, I have always ensured my hair is damp and then, tying your hair up into a ponytail and drop it into the mask bag and then secure the bag using the band provided. The inside of the bag is coated with what feels like an oily substance and this is, of course, the amazing ingredients which, alongside Caffeine, an ingredient which is proven to support healthy hair growth you will also find the oils of Argan, Olive and Moringa which work to rehydrate your hair.

Once you have done this, massage your hair, which is sat inside the bag gently to allow all the ingredients to work their magic and leave it on for around 30 minutes.  Whenever I applied my mask, I used those 30 minutes to sit back with either a face mask or eye mask and just allowed the scent of caffeine to do its thing.
Hello Jo Power Hair Masks - Mask Bag
Once those 30 minutes are up, remove your hair from the mask bag and wash as you normally would do.  If you find your hair is in need of more love and attention, you can sleep in it and wash your hair the following morning.  This mask is ideal for use weekly.

I have just below the shoulder length hair (it needs a trim) and I found the pouch fitted really snug against my hair once it was in a ponytail.  I put the ponytail as high up on my head as I could comfortably get it to sit and then applied the pouch that way, assuming the more hair I crammed in, the better it would be.  Once removed and hair freshly washed, my hair was so soft and smooth, no flyaways, no static when brushing and even when I dry my hair using the hairdryer, there was no struggle, no tangles and best of all, my straighteners also glide straight through and straightening my hair has become a much quicker process.

At £15 for a pack of three masks (here), they work out at £5 per treatment which I think is well worthy of the price tag. At my local salon, they charge £7 for a hair mask when I have my hair cut and the results of this one are so much better in my opinion and of course have you ever used a hair mask where you put your hair in a bag? Nope, I bet you haven't!

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  2. I am not a fan of coffee, but I like the idea of these masks!

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    Andrew James -

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    Erin || MakeErinOver

  8. I need to use hair masks more, they sound fab xx

  9. I adore coffee and love the sound of these x

  10. I never knew they did hair masks! These look bizarre but I adore coffee and I'd love to give these ago.


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