Saturday, 1 February 2014

Biosculpture Spa Range Nail Care

One of my goals for 2014 was to to take better care of my nails because they have become quite weak and brittle not to mention prone to peeling and snapping which is really annoying when you finally manage to get your nails to a length you are happy with.

Apparently the cold weather can be harsh on your nails because the change in weather means they have to as the change in continually adapt to dealing with either the freezing cold outside or the warm centrally heated indoor environment much like your skin which can also turn dry, flaky and be in need of a little more TLC.  The constant cold and change in temperature can cause your nails to weaken, crack and split easier, more so in the winter because dry air destroys keratin, the protein that keeps them strong and flexible.

Biosculpture have just introduced a new Spa Range of manicure and pedicure products and I have been lucky enough to try them. I have the handcream, Executive Base, Cuticle Oil and Top Coat. However there are quite a few more products within the range and you can go along to your nearest salon to have the products used and manicures start from £25 please visit for further information and to find your nearest salon.

Described as:
Bio Sculpture supports healthy nail care as the treatments nourish and protect the natural nail underneath. An application keeps nails well conditioned throughout use whilst ensuring manicures and pedicures are long lasting and maintenance free. Vitamin Dose and Executive Base, infused with vitamins & essential oils, are products used in the treatment preparation in order to nurture nails and protect nails. No primers or bonders are used that might de-hydrate or damage the natural nail; and unlike other treatments, the natural nail is not buffed prior to application, again ensuring maximum protection is maintained.

The Cuticle Oil which is enriched with Vitamin E, helps to re-hydrate cuticles and it is formulated with Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Avocado Oil. This products retails for £5.40.  The brush within this oil makes application so much easier to do and once on the nail bed it feels absolutely lovely and only takes a few minutes to sink in.  If like me you apply a little too much, you can of course rub it into your entire nail for a extra bit of TLC.

Executive Base which is described as being multifunctional strengthening base which compresses the nail keratin to strengthen soft, weak nails.   This product retails for £8.00.  Again the brush within this base coat makes application really easy because the brush fans out across the nail.  Once applied, it takes less than a minute to dry and then you can apply your nail polish.  What I have found by using this is that my nail polish glides onto the nail so much easier.

The final product I have been using is the Top Coat.  I have found that this is a really fast drying top coat which leaves your nails with a lovely gloss finish as you can see from the photos below, I have been wearing Essie Luxedo for the last week and it has yet to chip, so I am really impressed with this top coat.  

I think you can tell that I am really impressed with these nail products, more so given the extra length of time I have been able to wear my favourite Essie nail polish. My nails are less brittle though not quite yet near perfect, but my cuticles do look so much better and are in a far better condition now than before I used the cuticle oil.

For me these are a worthy investment and something I am going to continue to use. Hopefully in a few months time my nails will stop being brittle and weak and become the strong nails they once were.


  1. These sound like great products and they're actually really reasonably priced, especially compared to the likes of OPI! I'll definitely be looking into them when I finish up my current Nail Envy :)

    Jess xo

  2. Ooo these sound like really good products!!

    Kimberley x

  3. these sound like a dream as my manicure doesn't last more than a few days without a chip.

  4. Nail posts give me serious envy, I really need to start looking after mine more, these sound really lovely to use x

  5. These sound perfect, my nails are in such need of a TLC!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. I love the look of that Essie polish - such a pretty shade! xx
    Gemma //

  7. I haven't tried these before. I am glad they seem to be working for you, hope your nails regain their strength :)

  8. I don't remember the last time I painted my nails, has to be a good 5 years ago! I've never really been girly enough to do it..these look gorgeous though! x

  9. I love Essie nail polish, great colour :) The Biosculpture products looks great. My nails are short and bitten they may help them become strong again
    The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover

    1. I love the shade too, not quite black and not quite red x

  10. I am not sure i like the lid shape on those , i am waiting to try the dr lewinns renunail set , my nails are in dyer need of fixing x

  11. Have you tried the Red Carpet Nail Manicure's before? It is a gel system that needs to be put under uv lamp (so the start up is fairly costly at the cheapest being £80) but I feel its well worth it - It helps strength your nails as well as keeping them painted, glossy & chip free up to 14 days (I personally find they last 9-10 days).


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