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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

7 Wedding beauty trends for 2015

Before long we would have verge head first into 2015 and if you are engaged, this quite likely is the year of your wedding.
Whilst you might have be floating calmly in this year, thinking “oh, it’s still ages away”, now 2015 is here, a developing panic arises. This is the year you’re getting married, yes, MARRIED!
Have you got your very long list of things to do? Have you already ticked anything off?
Whilst wedding site can help you with the logistics of planning, as well as giving you a fantastic list and contacts of supplier sin your area, one aspect you can really have fun with is the beauty.
Here are the top trends to look out for in 2015:
Flower power
For any do, have you thought about decorating with flowers?
Delicate flowers such as baby breath, orchid and bellflower are the perfect decoration weaving in and out for elaborate do. Ideal for spring/summer weddings and those couples with a more relaxed, hippy outlook. This is definitely a style for the bohemian style wedding so if you’re after an elaborate and sleek updo, maybe steer clear! This is one for beachy waves and mellow vibes.
Over the past few years, wedding dresses have definitely taken a much more subdued effect. For example, the uncomfortable bodice has been replaced with flapper style fabrics with beautiful detailing. To suit this vintage style, hair and beauty has become understated and the effect is stunning.
Hair styling wise, we’ll see the low bun making a bit of a comeback after the romantic era of textured curls. This is so simple and really allows your dress to shine and jewellery to shine (literally).
Beauty-wise, less is always more, and in a wedding scenario it is so striking. Along with the minimalist low bun, your make-up can be toned down. Beautifully clear skin is a must for your big day so make sure you book yourself in for a facial and you’re the big day, apply a light brushing of pink or peachy blush depending on your skin tone.  
A coating of mascara and defined brow is all you need because the focus for 2015 will be the lips; a subtle coating of a pink is perfection.
Vamp it up
On the opposite end of the scale, if you’re seeking for originality and dare to break from the strong wedding conventions then a strong burgundy lip or smoky eye can really set yourself apart from the rest. Even a combination of the both, although delicately applied, would look incredible.
The vampy lips have been seen on many catwalks including the fantastic Naeem Khan and whilst this won’t be every bride-to-be’s cup of tea any shade of red would make a bold statement, and there is a shade for everyone out there.
Something blue
Not strictly beauty related, but blue wedding dresses have been a predicted trend for next year, and something that will mean one less tradition to find. Whether it’s a muted turquoise or eggshell, the blue symbolises that a brighter season is upon us and is so different too.
Paper for one year
Taking inspiration from the one year anniversary, the wedding catwalks have been full of origami style designs.
This is perfect for the bride and groom after a high class and formal affair, it is the perfect accompaniment to the shiny ballerina bun and simple yet sleek style fashion.
As well as your hair, you can have a paper theme running through with elaborately cut out centrepieces, lace table cloths and white intricate decorations.
Nude nails
Nude nails are perfect for any wedding scenario, but in terms of fashion trends for SS15? Well, they’ve been given a slight makeover in terms of design.
Using the nude shade as a base, the top coat can be subtly decorated. For example, the Monique Lhuillier show saw a wonderful splatter effect in white and silver that perfectly complemented the shimmering turquoise and cream gowns. The designs were edgy but not distracting.
Flashes of orange
Whether this is in the ceremony, the dress or the beauty, flashes of orange have much the same effect as blue; a bright and airy wedding for the new season.
Beauty wise, I love the peachy hue for the lips complete with a really subtle blusher. For the skin, this is one for matt skin rather than dewy, so do grab a decent cover up powder and keep near-by to top off. In fact, you can find some really brilliant ones that don’t cost an arm and a leg too. Check what’s out there with enough time to test before the big day.

Are you getting married in 2015?

Friday, 8 August 2014

Hen Do’s and Don’ts: Advice for the Hen Do Organiser!

If you’ve been put in charge of organising a hen do – whether it’s for your best mate or a family member – it’s your responsibility to make it as memorable as possible. You’re not going to get tears of joy from something that has been put together in a matter of hours, so it’s up to you to plan the time that you have wisely to ensure that what the bride-to-be gets is nothing short of a hen do dream come true.

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune, because you don’t. Hen parties on a budget are just as unforgettable as those that aren’t; it’s all down to what you do with the time that you have! Here are some of the hen do’s and don’ts that you should consider during the planning process, so that you can ensure everything will run smoothly, without a hitch.

DO speak to the bride about her wishes and desires. Remember that it’s not your hen do, it’s hers, so make sure that what you plan reflects her personality. Is she the sort of person who would thrive in a pair of hen do head boppers and a bright pink sash? Or would she prefer to have a more sober evening, enjoying a nice meal with friends?

DON’T listen to her completely, though. Even if she says she doesn’t want any fuss, chances are she’d like a little bit of fuss, she just doesn’t want to say that. Bear in mind her desires and, if she’s completely anti something, then obviously don’t include it. That being said, hen do’s are all about the FUN, aren’t they?

DO give guests a dress code. This is particularly important if you’re hoping to incorporate a theme into the evening. Let all of the guests know (including the bride), in advance, what the dress code is so that they can plan their outfit. Is it fancy dress? Or can the guests shop for occasion dresses from George at ASDA to be as girly and feminine as possible? 

DO consider who will be coming to the hen do. If she wants her mum and her gran to be there, perhaps a stripper or a naked butler wouldn’t be the best way to go. That is, of course, unless they aren’t prude in the slightest and would grab the opportunity with both hands…

DON’T stretch the budget if you can help it. The bride will want her guests to be able to attend, and if that means cutting the budget because everyone will be able to come if it’s that little bit cheaper, then do it. Book things in advance and ask guests for their contributions as and when you need it. That way, you won’t be out of pocket and nobody will have to worry about funding things on the day.

remember the personal touches. The little additions to the hen party, or weekend, that will let the bride know just how much you care will make her hen do special. Perhaps you could ask the guests to write a little note to her, in a guest book, that she can look back on in years to come?

Give yourself plenty of time to organise everything and be sure not to wing it – the more planning and organisation you do, the smoother the hen do will run!

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