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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Pulling the Woolover your eyes!

With Christmas on its way, buying for the men folk in my life is always the hardest, my dad especially who never wants anything and usually ends up with the same presents every year - his favourite whisky and some fishing vouchers.  Same for the father in law funnily enough.

Wool Overs are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year and the winter season’s coming up on us quicker and quicker and there are just so many lovely items that ive put together some of the ones that have made it onto a short list for present options, where it is men's jumpers or men's cardigans there are so many to choose from.

The best part about these products however is their price! Starting from around £25 and rising in price to around £40 per item and if you get in there quick there are some amazing offers which might just help you finish off your Christmas lists. Top left features an Arran zip neck jumper which comes in a variety of sizes and colours and costs just £39. The two pictures below feature Crew neck jumper in purple for £35 and a British Shawl Collar Cardigan which costs just £39. The right hand side of the screen features a Lincoln Zipper Cardigan which is just £28 followed by Cable V-neck Cardian at £45 and finally a Zip Neck hooded Cardigan which costs £35. 

My dad can be quite fussy about what it is he likes to wear, but as long as it has no pattern on it and has a pocket he tends to wear it. What I like about all of the choices I have made is that they will suit men of all ages.

So whether you’re on the search for a heavily knitted, pure British Wool Jumper for enjoying the Outdoors or a smooth Cashmere Slipover for the Golf Course, you’re certain to find the perfect garment in the selection Men and women. Whether you're looking for cardigans, sleeveless cardigans or jumpers, they do come in a range of great colours and styles, including v-neck, crew neck and hooded.

 Would you buy these for a man in your life?

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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Winter Clothing Essentials for Men and Women

There’s definitely a chill in the air at the moment, isn’t there? And with the cold front set to stay for the next few months at least, it’s time to rummage through your wardrobe and check that you have everything you’re going to need to keep yourself warm and toasty throughout the cold spell. If you need to top up your winter clothing, now is the time to do it so that you can be sure that you’ll be snug through Christmas and beyond.
For the Girls
You’re bound to need some knitwear. Whether it’s a couple of chunky cardigans or a lovely thick jumper that you can snuggle up in when it’s nippy, you can find some superb knitwear from George at ASDA that will leave you toasty without breaking the bank.
Make sure you have a good pair of winter boots, too. While it’s tempting to pick up a cheaper pair, it may be worth investing in some that will last. Boots with a good grip will ensure that even in ice and snow, you won’t come a cropper, while fur-lined boots can help to keep the little piggies warm. Invest in a good quality pair that will suit all outfits (think blacks, greys or browns) and you won’t have to replace them next year!

Some of my recent purchases
Warm and woolly accessories will help to keep extremities toasty – a nice chunky hat, gloves and scarf or snood will help to keep the chilly bite at bay. Ear muffs are also super cute and handy to have! A thick winter coat is also an essential piece of clothing that everyone should invest in – don’t worry about replacing this every year, a good coat can last for ages!
For the Guys
A decent selection of jumpers and hoodies would be perfect – ones that you can throw on over a t-shirt underneath your winter jacket as an extra layer. Christmas prints are all the rage at the moment, with festive jumpers making their way into plenty of wardrobes already.
Fancy jumping on the bandwagon? Onesies aren’t just for the ladies, you know! Take a look at some of the superb onesies available at ASDA for the guys too – you’ll be amazed at how snug and warm they are; perfect for a Sunday on the sofa.
Similarly to the girls, hats, gloves and scarves are essential if you’re planning on going outside (which, inevitably, you’ll have to!) – simple colours would do the trick because they go with anything. A decent coat would also be ideal – if you’d prefer to have one coat that’s multipurpose, take a look at the ones found at in ski shops and outdoor pursuit stores. Many of these have zip up fleeces on the inside that can be used separately, while the waterproof outer would be perfect on a dull, rainy day.
My scarves and gloves and from Asda
Wrap up warm and keep the cold at bay with a capsule winter wardrobe to be proud of – you don’t have to spend a fortune to update your clothing essentials, either!

Do you ever buy anything from Asda?  
Do you like the selection of clothes from George?
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