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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Laundrapp review – laundry for busy people

With my washer dryer on the blink and a new one on order, the washing seems to pile up much quicker than it ever has.  Then I came across a few apps which do your laundry for you and opted to give one a chance, with thanks to Bloggers Hangout.

Laundrapp can either be downloaded onto your mobile phone or you can use it online.  I used the app version on my brand spanking new iPhone and it literally took less than 2 minutes to organise.  You firstly need to ensure that the app works within your postcode, you will then be asked to choose what it is you would like cleaning and a series of options appear for you to choose from, for example, a 6.5kg load of washing that doesn't include bedding and towels is just £14.50 but it is worth noting that the minimum order is £15 so you will need to factor this in.  

Then once you have chosen your items, you head on to complete your full postal address details along with any delivery notes the driver might need when collecting and delivering your washing to you. The next screen will then ask you to choose a suitable time for collection and for return delivery and it is as easy as booking your shopping online and most orders are turned around within 48 hours.

So having been given a code to use, I dutifully took advantage of the order and on the day of collection, even though it was set as a reminder in my iPhone calendar, you get a text telling you what time to expect your collection and with whom and what is more impressive is you get a 10 minute window (beat that Tesco!)

Once Attila collected my laundry a little earlier than scheduled, off my washing went and my next update came via an alert from the app to remind me that my laundry was arriving today and then closer to the time of arrival, a text to tell me who was to deliver my laundry and again with a ten minute window of arrival.

My laundry arrived back all very neatly and securely packaged within the estimated time frame and the Misters shirts, all washed and ironed and hanging nicely (one job less for me).  When your Laundry does arrive back it, it isn't ironed but it is folded so neatly that there are minimal creases and it literally took me seconds to sort out.  In this pile was 10 pairs of socks and pants, 9 t-shirts, two onesies, three work tops, 4 pairs of tights, a pair of oven gloves, three pairs of pyjamas and a pair of shorts.

I think this is such a brilliant service.  Imagine getting back off your hoidays with a suitcase full of washing... well I think I have found my solution and I am so impressed I have already booked another wash.

If you think this could be of use to you, then use the code 'ZBMHSP' to get £10 off your first order. Try it now at

Have you tried the app yet? have you tried anything similar?

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