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Friday 9 June 2023

Do you tile under a freestanding bathtub?

Freestanding bathtubs are very popular, bringing a fresh touch to the interior, so installing them becomes an urgent task for owners of spacious bathrooms. It is only necessary to decide how to properly fit the plumbing into the interior, as well as what materials to use in the environment. A freestanding tub can be complemented with a variety of finishes, including tiles. Ceramics have optimal characteristics for use in rooms with high humidity. Having ordered a high-quality Aquatica bath, it remains to figure out whether it is necessary to lay tiles under the plumbing.

There is no direct need to use ceramics under the bath. At the same time, this solution allows not only to obtain a holistic interior but also provides additional protection for the walls and floors from the liquid. Tiling is not the only solution available. The baths can be a place to experiment because here you can also use:

  • paint;

  • panels for sheathing;

  • glass bricks.

The need to use quality materials increases if fungus or mold can be noticed in the bathroom from time to time. Wall protection will prevent their formation, and protect the structure of brick or natural wood from destruction and decay. High-quality materials, as well as a variety of design solutions, allow you to complement any space with their help. You can choose a finish both for the bathroom, which stands in the middle of the room and for the plumbing located against the wall.

How to choose a finish for the bathroom?

The first step is to decide which bath is ideal for the room. If it is decided to install the structure under the wall, then with a high probability the wall will get wet during the reception of water procedures. Water will spray, leaving a mark on the surface, as well as condensation, which forms when the liquid cools.

The choice of material also depends on the number of people in the family. If there are children in it, the number of splashes will increase. The same situation is observed if the family has pets. In such a situation, the choice of finish should be treated even more carefully.

The modern bathtub is often used as a shower. If the design is chosen taking into account such a method of application, then it must be remembered that the spray will fly far beyond the limits of the bath, even if it is installed at a certain distance from the wall.

The product may vary in depth. The higher this parameter, the less likely it is that the liquid will end up on the wall. Therefore, when using a deep bath, you can spend less effort looking for suitable finishing materials.

How to prevent mold?

The modern market offers a variety of solutions to prevent the appearance of mold or fungus on the surface of finishing materials. This problem usually occurs in damp rooms with a weak influx of fresh air. Installing a more powerful fan often solves the problem. If it is not used at all in the ventilation system, then it's time to purchase and install such equipment.

It is important to use the fan correctly. It is recommended to leave it on for the next 15-20 minutes after taking baths. This will reduce the concentration of moisture in the room. It is also worth paying attention to regular cleaning of the surface of the walls from condensate, for which you can use an ordinary dry rag.

Options for the location of the bath in the room

It is not difficult to order modern Luxury online. It is enough to pay attention to the catalog presented on the site It offers high-quality natural stone bathtubs that fit perfectly into any environment. Solid, durable, and stylish material will be the best proof of the excellent taste and practicality of the owner.

For the bath to last longer and not cause additional problems due to the splashing of liquid during its use, one of the following options for its location should be used:

  • Near a window or glass surface. Glass is one of the best bathroom materials. This material is not afraid of moisture, it is quite simple in terms of care. The liquid will not accumulate on the glass surface, and dirt can be removed with a rag or microfiber. It is only important to take into account the fact that the material is not among the safest. Therefore, it is better to entrust the installation of panels to specialists who will ensure their strong fixation and complement the room with handrails and other security elements.

  • Near a painted wall. In addition to tiles, you can use paint to finish the bath. It can be a moisture-resistant coating or painted panels, which are characterized by faster installation. This finish looks especially good in the interior in a modern or classic style.

  • Near plastic panels. Plastic is widely used in everyday life. Therefore, it is not surprising that this material is increasingly used in interior decoration, including the bathroom. The material endures constant contact with moisture and is also not susceptible to exposure to an aggressive alkaline environment. At the same time, plastic panels are not very durable, so they require more careful handling, than glass.

The listed finishes are ideal for the bathroom. They will allow you to create a unique style of the room and protect it from destruction or damage by fungus no worse than traditional tiles.

What other finishing materials for the bathroom are there?

The use of tadelakt in the interior looks like a modern solution. This is the stucco that came into modern design from Moroccan architecture. The material has a high level of resistance to liquid exposure. Tadelakt has a unique texture, making the bathroom look irresistible. Before applying the plaster, you can use different colors, filling the space with just such shades that perfectly complement the sanitary equipment.

Drywall is effectively used in any room to level walls or give them an unusual shape. The bathroom requires waterproof drywall, which, thanks to modern technology, is not something unique. The material is coated on top with a primer that prevents the formation of mold. After installing drywall, its surface can be coated with paint or other finishing materials.

Manufacturers offer to use a variety of types of tiles for interior decoration. One of the interesting solutions is non-porous tiles, which will avoid the accumulation of liquid in the structure of the material and its deformation. You can often find the opinion that any tile is waterproof, but in fact, this is not true. Micropores are present in most types of tiles, except for non-porous material. The advantage of such a tile is that it allows you to refuse additional sealing of the coating. It will be enough to wipe the seams between the tiles.

If you decide to use tiles, then here you need to remember a few simple tips. To reduce costs, you should use large tiles. It is not only easier and faster to lay, but due to its size, the number of seams is reduced. As a result, it is possible to significantly increase the resistance of the finish to moisture, since the seam is a natural weakness of the masonry.

Not to be mistaken about how much finishing material is required for the room, you can use a special calculator. It allows you to accurately determine the area of \u200b\u200b the walls by subtracting door and window openings. The cost of using such a calculator during the finishing of the bathroom can be significantly reduced.

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Tuesday 19 October 2021

AD - Finishing off my Lounge Revamp with Desenio Prints

We recently decorated out hallway, the bathroom and the biggest challenge as lockdown set in, the lounge and now we are part way through the kitchen. Making small changes as the budget we have allows means everything takes time and it adds to that everyday stress and strife. In an effort to make our place more homely we decided that creating a gallery wall in a few rooms was something we wanted to play around with and having created one in the hallway which mainly features personal photos of family and our cats, we then felt the lounge looked a little lacklustre and not particularly welcoming, so I worked with Desenio to change that.
AD - Finishing off my Lounge Revamp with Desenio Prints
AD - Finishing off my Lounge Revamp with Desenio Prints
Desenio kindly gifted me a voucher to choose some artwork for my lounge walls and it was made so much easier thanks to the gallery wall tool that is free to use on the website. I chose a wall colour which is similar to my own and then the type of gallery wall I thought would work best. At this point, you are free to choose from a lot of options and once you have settled on that choice and style, it’s time to find your artwork.

I love an abstract style of art on my walls and there was such a huge choice to work with, that I am glad I could use the gallery wall option mentioned above. After a few hours of playing around with prints in different categories, I settled on four pieces that work incredibly well and ones which can be moved around into different gallery themes. 

For years, the piece of art we had on the wall, shown below has been pretty much displayed on its own. As much as I absolutely love it, it doesn’t really have a theme or work with anything else we have owned.
AD - Finishing off my Lounge Revamp with Desenio Prints
So, the time has come to find it a new home, maybe in the hallway or even the bedroom.

The first two piece of artwork work really well as a pair, so if I decided to change up my artwork, I could keep them together or have them on opposite walls. Painted Shapes No.1 - this is an Illustration with abstract shapes in black, grey and white with an uneven colour effect. Then we have Painted Shapes No.2 - this is another Abstract illustration with grey, white and black shapes with an uneven colour effect.
AD - Finishing off my Lounge Revamp with Desenio Prints
AD - Finishing off my Lounge Revamp with Desenio Prints
The second two choices I also feel work well together and again, for the same reasons above. Artful Lines No.1 - this is a graphic illustration with a thin, black swirl with a light grey shape behind it, all on a beige background. Described as being a minimalistic illustration that will fit well in both living rooms and bedrooms. Then with Abstract Paint Figure No.2 - A painting with abstract lines in black and white on a grey-beige background. The neutral colours make this print a perfect addition to all kinds of interior!

There is just so much choice with Desenio and it gives a lot of options should you want to change your artwork up at different times of the year or even if you love re-decorating that much you want to change your artwork too! Prices with Desenio are incredibly reasonable starting around £4.95 rising upwards depending on the size of your print. 

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