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Wednesday 9 October 2019

4 things to invest in when moving into your first home

When it comes to decorating, are you someone who takes inspiration from design trends? Or perhaps you like to follow your own style instead? 
4 things to invest in when moving into your first home
Photo by Med Badr Chemmaoui on Unsplash

Either way, when you’re looking to spruce up your home, there are some key pieces that we think are crucial to invest in. 

A comfortable bed
It’s true what they say — you should always invest in your sheets and your shoes because if you’re not in one, you’re in the other. Your bed and mattress can have a significant impact on your health and well-being, which is why it’s vital that you choose high-quality options here.  Old, worn-out mattresses aren’t beneficial to anyone — they could be causing aches and pains and stopping you from having a good night’s sleep. Ensure that the next mattress you choose is perfect for you. After all, you will be spending 7-9 hours per day in it for many years to come!

Help to Move
When we moved into our first home, we needed a big vehicle, so we used a moving company who happened to come from man with a van Peterborough to ensure that we could move as many of the heavy items as we could, but using professional help.

No matter whether you are a fan of modern wall art, funky neon lights or abstract paintings, your choice of artwork could have a significant effect on your living space. From providing a pop of colour in neutral rooms to helping to create a focal point in your favourite space, there are many reasons to spend a bit of extra cash on some key decorative pieces for your home. However, we do know that decorating your home could get expensive, which is why it is important that you also consider all your different financial options before investing in these beautiful items. 

From feeling cosy in your bedroom to preparing your dinner in the kitchen, it’s important that you have the right lighting for each space in your house. Bright spotlights won’t help you to feel relaxed in your living room and dull lamps won’t brighten up a dark area on a rainy day, so when you’re out purchasing new items for your home, make sure you get the lighting right too. 

Sharp knives
If you’re known to throw fancy dinner parties or experiment with different recipes at home, sharp knives are essential to have in your kitchen. Not only will they help to make food preparation easier, they are also a lot safer too, as you know they won’t slip when you’re slicing your food. If you have them out on display, a funky set of knives can also add to your d├ęcor! 

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Tuesday 30 December 2014

Moving = Stress!

I hate moving. Well I love it because it is about newness, putting a stamp on your own place and spending hours fawning over paint sample pots and Ikea catalogues, but I actually find it really really stressful, infact moving to the home we currently live in was more stressful than waiting for my degree results, organising a wedding in 6 weeks and being the foreman of a jury at a massive trial!  Once you begin there is just so much you need to think about.

At work, I found it really stressful moving one floor whilst we had some painting and decorating done, as well as a new carpet being laid and some new windows installed.  I was responsible for the whole lot, it sort of comes under my ever-growing work title, and again I know nothing about half of these things, it isn't something I have to deal with on a daily basis and it takes me totally out of my comfort zone, whilst being a bit of a learning curve.  Thankfully, I do have some friends who work in the legal sector who are always on hand to help out, advise and help me work through legal matters.

Finding the right legal services is so important, it doesn't matter where the come from, it could be as simple as choosing Cambridge Estate Agents whilst living in London, to using your friend who runs a firm at the end of the road. What matters is that it feels right to you.  There is so much to think about and most of it costs money, so getting it is right is really important.  When we moved we needed someone who specialised in leaseholds and freeholds and then came structural surveys and the never ending wait for your mortgage approval, even if you know it is going to happen, that dreaded wait is just so terrifying.

But none of this should be the case and having the right help could make it all go much more swimmingly and after all, this is an exciting time, a new start and a chance to get your inner Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen out!

Do you find moving stressful? Do you have any tips should I ever want to do it again?

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Tuesday 25 March 2014

Beluah-home - one to look out for!

One thing I always remember from my childhood is my mums passion for knitting, show her any pattern and she can copy it in its entirety, just before Christmas she handed me a king-size blanket for my bed which she had knitted and created herself and I absolutely adore it. 

Knitting is once again fashionable, the number of people that I know who are learning, taking lessons or rediscovering their love of knitting is constantly growing and when you come across sites like Beulah-Home, I am almost tempted to pick up my knitting needles to see if I can remember how it is done, yes my mum also taught me to knit too.

Beulah-Home state that the are  

“geared to meet all our customer’s needs for fashionable knitted homewares for the living space and everything is made is Britain”. 

Just one look at the site and you can see for yourself that it is fashionable, contemporary and even traditional. The use of colour, textures, styles and patterns are one thing that jumps out to me and these are just a few of my favourite things


Beulah-Home has one desire and that is to meet every household’s needs.  Their product base is quite extensive and it includes luxury knitted cushions and throws, fashionable knitted pet blankets and stylish yet soft knitted kids’ blankets and cushions, something for everyone and something for everywhere and everything is 100% crafted by hand, so when you do buy something, you know that someone has put a lot of love, care and effort into making that particular item. 

Beulah-Home is definitely a new designer to watch out for and you can find more about them online via their homepage, Twitter  or Facebook.

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