Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Beluah-home - one to look out for!

One thing I always remember from my childhood is my mums passion for knitting, show her any pattern and she can copy it in its entirety, just before Christmas she handed me a king-size blanket for my bed which she had knitted and created herself and I absolutely adore it. 

Knitting is once again fashionable, the number of people that I know who are learning, taking lessons or rediscovering their love of knitting is constantly growing and when you come across sites like Beulah-Home, I am almost tempted to pick up my knitting needles to see if I can remember how it is done, yes my mum also taught me to knit too.

Beulah-Home state that the are  

“geared to meet all our customer’s needs for fashionable knitted homewares for the living space and everything is made is Britain”. 

Just one look at the site and you can see for yourself that it is fashionable, contemporary and even traditional. The use of colour, textures, styles and patterns are one thing that jumps out to me and these are just a few of my favourite things


Beulah-Home has one desire and that is to meet every household’s needs.  Their product base is quite extensive and it includes luxury knitted cushions and throws, fashionable knitted pet blankets and stylish yet soft knitted kids’ blankets and cushions, something for everyone and something for everywhere and everything is 100% crafted by hand, so when you do buy something, you know that someone has put a lot of love, care and effort into making that particular item. 

Beulah-Home is definitely a new designer to watch out for and you can find more about them online via their homepage, Twitter  or Facebook.

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  1. Amazing stuff dear...thx for sharing...:-)

  2. these look great!
    The bottom right one is something I would definitely buy, lovely colour!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  3. I love the pink one it looks so soft and comfy

    Carrieanne xx

  4. these look lovely, I love handmade things! x

  5. We really love geometric and tribal prints for interiors, and the fact they are handmade makes it even better!


  6. Looks amazing! I love the cushions :) x



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