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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Great Kitten - World's 1st Cat Cinema

Anyone who reads my blog or follows my Instagram account will know that I absolutely love animals especially cats and I have three of my own.  If I ever won Euromillions, one of the things I would love to do is run my own cattery for unloved and unwanted cats.  

Today I am highlighting a cause which I absolutely love and you might have heard and read about them in the media recently Great Kitten - World's 1st Cat Cinema in London - yes you did read that right! So, Imagine a crackling fireplace, exposed brick walls, wooden beams and comfy sink-in sofas – think rustic log cabin. Now, imagine this cabin filled with purring cats, ready to receive all your love and attention.  Add to that regular screenings of your favourite films that you can enjoy with a cup of tea and your friends, family or your other half. Oh, and don't forget a cat napping on your lap. There yet?! We thought so!

Better yet, we will put aside one afternoon each week to invite adults and children suffering from physical and/or mental disability to help them enjoy the healing power of cat's purr. Each guest will be treated to Great Kitten's full service - an exciting visit full of cakes, tea, good movies and our resident cats company, all funded by your donations and our profits

Here is their story...

Last year, we decided to make a bold decision - we moved from London to Vietnam for a year to experience a different lifestyle, a new business culture, and to travel. Whilst travelling Asia, we had plenty of time on our hands to brainstorm all of the possible ventures we could start when back in London. The bigger plan became clear for us after visiting a Cat Cafe in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We immediately fell in love with the idea. As avid film lovers, it wasn't long before our restless minds came up with the idea of combining the two. We knew that cat cafes were becoming increasingly popular in Europe, with 2-month waiting lists to book a table. We also knew about all the quirky and unique cinemas popping up in London practically every week. We knew immediately that combining 3 of Britain's most loved - cats and cinema and a cuppa, is bound to resonate with Londoners and cat-lovers alike.

As well as this unique cinematic USP, an important part of our mission is to give back to the local community. Once a week, we'll invite children and adults who struggle with mental health issues (such as depression and anxiety), physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses. All expenses will be covered from our profits. Each of these groups has been proven to benefit from cat interaction and we would love to put smiles on their faces as well as for our paying guests.

In our cafe we'll serve hot & cold drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate, lattes, juices, soft drinks and more), light snacks and sandwiches inspired by our rustic theme and a wide selection of cakes, slices, scones and pastries. We'll make sure that patrons who require vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free food will be more than catered for.

We're so passionate about our idea and we are determined to make it work. We've had fantastic press coverage, but now we need you to share in the development and success of Great Kitten. We've already had so much good advice and encouragement from our supporters, and we plan to involve you every step of the way.

Check out our perks - we offer the chance to become a part of our team, to experience first hand our unique Cat Cinema, and to help our chosen charities and many more.

If this sounds like a charity you want to support, even if it is just £1, there is a Crowdfund page right HERE.

What do you think to this idea? Are you a lover of cats?
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