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Monday 10 February 2020

Valentines Gift Guide for Her

With Valentines Day quickly approaching, I wanted to put together a gift guide of products that not only I would love to receive myself, but I think others would too, whether that is your friend, your wife, girlfriend or indeed for yourself as a treat.
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
I absolutely love my Simple Human Mirror (here) and as much as I adore it and use it every day, it isn't practical for carrying around with me because if it was then I definitely would.  Thankfully there is a compact version of this mirror (£99.95) and it is just stunning. Using tru-lux lighting system which simulates natural sunlight so you whether or not your makeup is colour-correct and flawless. The 3x magnification gives you a hyper-clear view of every detail, some detail you might want to see and some you might not!  There is also the option of three light settings at 650 lux, 300 lux and 110 lux let you choose your preferred brightness level. 
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
As soon as the mirror is removed from its pouch, a sensor turns the light on automatically and turns off when putting back in. The mirror uses a fold-out ring handle to ensure it is secure and comfortable in your hand and this ring can also be used as a stand if you prefer the hands-free viewing option. This mirror recharges with a standard USB port and the cable is included and impressively one charge lasts up at least 1 week with typical daily usage.  To jazz your mirror up a little more there are accessory cases (£24.95) available which are hand-stitched vegan leather zip cases which keep your mirror compact safe, it comes with various colour options.  I was kindly gifted the Iridescent Case which I absolutely love.

Wearing a watch is not something that is part of my everyday go-to, there was a time when it was always something I wouldn't get through the day without. From Nordgreen, I was captivated by the story behind the brand. Nordgreen was created by Pascar and Vasilij, two lifelong friends, watch enthusiasts, and born-and-bred Danes who have said that they are on a mission to deliver true Scandinavian design and lifestyle to everyone. The “Nord” represents Pascar and Vasiilij's Nordic identity whilst the 'Green' captures their emphasis on sustainability and by that they mean their products and processes are as sustainable as possible, exemplified by our recyclable packaging and partnerships with sustainable manufacturers.
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
As you can see, I was kindly gifted a watch of my choice and I chose the Philosopher in Rose Gold with a Rose Gold Mesh strap, though the straps are interchangeable if you wanted to have the choice.  What drew my attention to this particular watch is the face itself. It has a large face but the section where the numbers sit is slightly raised, so it has a sunken middle featuring the brand name and the watch hands, so the adding of dimension I really like.

For those wanting a gift that is quite unique or has a really personal touch, The Gift Experience has some amazing products and I chose the personalised Silver plated Rose (£19.99) which is as unique as it is stunning. 
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
Standing at 32cm high, it features a lifelike bud with four leaves which are all on a stem and the detailing of both the bud and the leaves is quite something. Also hanging from the stem is a pretty silver-plated plaque and it is on this plaque that you could engrave a short message and it was this option I really liked because as well as being a beautiful gift, it is also something that could become a memory for life. For me, Nan loved roses and I have a rose bush in a pot at my house which flowers every single year, so for me, a rose has quite the meaning. With this plaque you could choose a special date, time or even just a name, something that makes this gift really personal and memorable at the same time. If an all silver rose isn't your preference, then there is also a version featuring a red bud for the rose too.

I absolutely love candles, so a perfect gift for me that I have included within this gift guide.  Elm Road is described as offering stylish aromacology candles are sophisticated scents in 100% natural blends - authentic botanical and essential oils fuse scent with a mind to trigger positive emotions, soothing the mind, body and soul.
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
I have Suenos and Petals from the range but for Valentines Day, Petals is the perfect gift. This candle is said to have been inspired by the most beautiful garden in the world: Jardins du Château de Versailles and it has top notes of Tuberose, heart notes of Ylang Ylang and base notes of Jasmine, Frankincense and Oud.  So incredible are the candles from Elm Road that you can pick up the scent before you even open the box and Petals has the most fantastic fresh floral aroma, perfect for anyone who loves fragrant floral blooms. This candle has a burn time of around 60 hours and it retails for just £34 at 200g.

My tipple of choice is Gin and for me, a bottle of gin ticks a lot of boxes. From Cranes Gin is this bottle of Cranberry Gin (£32). Cranes describe this Cranberry Gin as being smooth and fruity yet delightfully sharp. The Cranberry Gin is made from premium cranberries and handcrafted in Cambridgeshire in small batches. The cranberries compliment the junipers perfectly, providing a smooth and fruity, yet deliciously sharp taste. 
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
Like all Gin from Cranes, this Cranberry Gin is made from all-natural ingredients and it there is no use or inclusion of added sugars or artificial flavours, so they are both gluten-free and vegan friendly.  This is a first for me from Cranes Gin and it definitely won’t be the last as there are many other options available that I cannot wait to try.  At 37.5% proof

Staying with Gin, the option to make my own and become a bit of an alchemist grabs my attention and from VonShef is a Gin Making Kit (£9.99).   
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
This set gives a Gin lover the chance to make their own delicious gin blends and flavours with this specially selected gin infuser set. Inside the beautifully packaged set is 4 different flavours which include orange blossom, mallow flower, dried orange or juniper berry. To use, all you need to do is add the botanicals and infuse for around 24 hours following the instruction. After your alcohol has been infused, you then use the strainer to siphon the extracts leaving you with a smooth and flavoured gin.

I am a huge fan of hot chocolate and I love Whittard of Chelsea, so the two together is a really dreamy experience.  For Valentines Day there is quite an incredible product that I have almost finished 'tasting' and that is the Rhubarb and Custard White Hot Chocolate.
Valentines Gift Guide for Her

If you have tried the Rhubarb and Custard sweets, which I absolutely love, then this is very much that scent and flavour in a tin. Described as being reminiscent of the childhood confectionery favourite Whittard have layered the sherbet-sweet flavours of rhubarb and creamy custard on a white chocolate base for a lip-lickingly luscious pink (yes, pink!) treat. When you make the drink, I usually always use hot milk to give that extra creamy taste, but with this hot chocolate it works just as well with hot water and I just love the tanginess of the Rhubarb with the sweetness of the custard and naturally being a pink drink makes it all the more exciting.  Now it is limited edition and it costs just £9 (here), so I would grab it quick as I already have my second tin!

If you follow me on Instagram then you will be aware that I am a bit of a book worm. There isn't a single day that passes when I don't pick up a book or my Kindle.  
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
I always have a book wishlist on Amazon and I tend to opt for Thriller Killers, Psychological or something Historical as genre's I like to read.  Having been on my list for some time, these two books by Dorothy Koomson, whose book 'My Best Friends Girl*' is one of my all-time favourites and The Family by Louise Jensen is something I have read a lot of rave reviews about, so I couldn't walk by without picking it up.

When it comes to skincare and fragrance there is a lot of choice for the perfect gift and again, I have some to share within this post.  First up we have the Sanctuary Spa Lost In The Moment Gift Set which retails for just £16 and it comes in the cutest, heart-shaped gift box.
Valentines Gift Guide for Her

The heart-shaped gift box has pink and white stripes all over and inside there is a selection of products wrapped in pale pink tissue paper which I really liked, it shows effort has gone into making something a little extra special. The set itself includes a selection of travel-sized beauty treats such as the Sanctuary Classic Foaming Bath Soak, Sanctuary Classic Salt Scrub Sachet, Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask, Sanctuary Classic Heel Balm, Sanctuary Classic Body Butter 5 and the Sanctuary Classic Hand Cream, all the sizes of these products are between 35 and 50ml.

I am obviously a bit of a skincare fanatic and I do enjoy my nighttime routine. From Skyn Iceland the Oxygen Infusion Night Cream (£56 here*) has been added to my stash and it is described as being a gentle but highly potent overnight treatment livens up the skin’s natural renewal process (while you sleep) and nurtures stressed skin back to a healthy state. 
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
Rich emollients and therapeutic natural ingredients offer anti-ageing benefits. Microencapsulated oxygen fortifies and energises skin which is depleted from stress while restoring tone and texture to optimise levels.  Ingredients such as Yeast Extract are used to calm inflamed skin whilst White Willow Bark soothes irritation and helps to provide antibacterial protection. It is also a natural, skin-soothing analgesic.

I love nothing more than a good facemask and I try my best to use one mask a week, depending on how my skin feels.  
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
The latest addition to my stash has come from Bubu, which stands for “be u, be unique” with the love heart above the brand symbolic of self-love. I have a blog post coming shortly on these three masks, but given they are really good with the price point, they would make a lovely gift and you can find them here.

I love Argan Oil especially when my skin is really dry. During the winter months, it is very rare that my legs see the light of day, opting for jeans, leggings and thick chunky tights. Come springtime when my legs resemble those of a snake getting ready to shed it skin, I need products which really add moisture to my skin.  From Douvall’s, I have already been using this Organic Argan Oil Moisturiser (£25) as I am still suffering from an ankle injury which means I am massaging my leg a lot more than I usually would.
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
This 100% Raw First Cold Pressed oil is described as being a multi-tasking oil moisturiser, which if you didn't know is referred to as liquid gold in Morocco. On the skin, it is really fast to absorb itself and it is also really lightweight with no greasy feel or film being left on the skin. Argan Oil is extremely high in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants so this product is great for those who like a product which deeply hydrates, nourishes and repairs the skin.

The final products within this gift guide are my favourite brands of false nails and lashes.  If I am going all out and Valentines Day might just be that day, out come the false nails and lashes.  From Elegant Touch, these two sets of nails shout Valentines to me.
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
The Femme Fatale nails from the Paloma Faith range are red stiletto nails with pink rose gems and they come with glue.  If you prefer nails that are pre-glued and admittedly, I am one of those persons, the Squoval pre-glued nails from the Instanails collection will tick those boxes for you and are again a beautiful shade of red.  Both sets of nails retail between £4.79 and £8.99 and can be found in Boots*.

When it comes to eyelashes there are only two brands that I ever wear, the first is Ardell and I absolutely love their new collection - Naked lashes, usually you would be hard pushed to tell me there was anything better than Wispies!
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
These Naked Lashes are a new collection from Ardell and they feature 5 new lash styles that are said to add the perfect touch of barely-there flutter, volume, and length. Lash 420 are light crisscrossing and shortest length for the most natural look and 423 are more mid-length lashes with layers of fine fibres which add subtle volume and length.  You can find lashes in Superdrug and they retail for just £5.49.

The other brand of lashes I wear come from Eylure and within this gift guide, I have included both the Luxe Cashmere and Enchanted range.
Valentines Gift Guide for Her
The Luxe Cashmere lashes (£19.95) in No.6 are described as being a soft, sweet and wispy which are luxuriously soft and utterly weightless. Crafted from 1000+ dainty fibres, these Luxe Cashmere lashes can be worn 15+ times and Each pack includes a lash case, applicator and glue so you can keep your lashes safe during wears. 

If you want more choice when it comes to applying your lashes the Enchanted Lashes Lookbook will come in handy. This collection Enchanted lashes features three different styles which include - ‘Stars in their eyes’ (a sweet, wispily textured lash style), ‘Written in the Stars’ (a light, feathery style with amazing length) and ‘Stargazer’ (a fabulous, sectional lash style with a wispy finish). Priced at £13.95, again you can wear them multiple times and they still look amazing.

So that is my Valentines 2020 Gift Guide for her and I hope it has given you an idea or two as to what to get your loved one.  If you are still to buy for the man in your life, my male Valentines gift guide is here.

*this post contains PR samples and/or Affiliate Links unless indicated otherwise - you can learn more on my Disclaimer page.

Saturday 15 November 2014

Top 10 Perfume Gift Sets for Her | Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas time for me is a time of year upon which a new perfume is something I look forward too, perhaps the only time of year when I am bought something new.  This year, there are so many perfumes that I have enjoyed using testers of or spritzing when in a store that I have combined them all into one big post - top 10 perfume gift sets for her!

1) Viktor & Rolf BonBon Eau de Toilette 50ml Gift Set. RRP £73

Bonbon, a timeless sensation inviting a pure and absolute pursuit of pleasure. She who wears Bonbon, dresses herself in perfume whilst creating her own story. She is empowered, beautiful and complete. Set contains 50ml Eau de Toilette + 50ml Body Lotion + 50ml Shower Gel

2) Elie Saab Le Parfum L`Eau Couture 50 ml Christmas Set RRP £43

L`Eau Couture, or the unique contrast between the sophistication of a Couture look and the springtime freshness of an Eau. This set contains: L`Eau Couture 50ml and Prestige L`Eau Couture 10ml -

3) Jo Malone London House of Jo Malone London. Set RRP £125

The elegant home of Jo Malone London. Open the doors to reveal our most-loved scents.

Red Roses Glass Decanter Bath Oil 30ml,Blackberry & Bay Cologne 30ml,Orange Blossom Body Crème 50ml,Lime Basil & Mandarin Body & Hand Wash 100ml,English Pear & Freesia Travel Candle 60g,Pomegranate Noir Body & Hand Lotion 100ml

4) Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum 50ml Gift Set RRP £62

Discover Black Opium, the new feminine fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent - new glam rock fragrance full of mystery and energy. An addictive gourmand floral with notes of: Black Coffee - for a shot of adrenaline; White Florals - to instantly seduce; and Vanilla - for sweetness and sensuality.

5) Dolce and Gabbana Dolce Eau de Parfum 50ml Gift Set. RRP £62

Dolce is a gentle, feminine mix of white flowers, introduced by the freshness of the Neroli leaves and defined by the White Amaryllis, a South African flower used for the first time ever in scent. A unique and opulent combination of White Water Lily and bold White Daffodil blend perfectly with the full-bodied White Amaryllis. Set contains 50ml Eau de Parfum + 100ml Body Lotion

6) Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum 50ml Gift Set. RRP £66

To celebrate the end-of-year season, Guerlain invites you in its fairy universe to discover an enchanted Christmas tree, where every decoration is a wink to the House symbols.
This gift set contains a 50ml La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum and a nail lacquer. I am absolutely essential and utterly irresistible.

7) Estée Lauder Small Wonders Gift Set. RRP £32

Surprise her with all of her favorite scents and a mirrored tray to display them on. A gift she`ll love, during the holidays and all year long. Limited-time collection includes five mini Eau de Parfums, all ready to delight in an exclusive gift box:

  • Modern Muse .24 oz.
  • Estée Lauder Pleasures .12 oz.
  • Beautiful .12 oz.
  • Youth-Dew .12 oz.
  • White Linen .01 oz. 
  • Mirror Tray

8) Michael Kors Collection Glam Jasmine 50ml Gift Set. RRP £57

The Michael Kors Collection has a gift set that appeals to the Glam side of every girl. This set features a 50ml Glam Jasmine Eau de Parfum and a 100ml body crème. Packaged in a luxurious pink metallic lizard pattern.

9) DKNY MYNY `The Heart of the City` 50ml Gift Set. RRP £49

This holiday season, in the heart of the city, celebrate in style with the urban, carefree, spirited fragrance for women, DKNY MYNY. With an expression that is as eclectic and passionate as the city we love, treat yourself or someone you love to a sparkling set including DKNY MYNY 50ml Eau de Parfum and 100ml Body Lotion.

10) Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette 50ml Gift Set. RRP £54

Light and airy, Daisy Dream is both floral and fruity. The Fragrance captivates with delectable top notes of blackberry, fresh grapefruit and succulent pear. The heart imparts a rich, feminine jasmine, notes of lychee and blue wisteria. A dreamy drydown of white woods, musks and coconut water. Set contains: 50ml Eau de Toilette, 75ml Shower Gel and 75ml Body Lotion.

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