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Friday, 18 July 2014

Sleeping Beauty Blogger Challenge

A few months ago I was asked to take part in the Sleeping Beauty Blogger challenge with Time4sleep and life has been rather hectic since then, so I haven't kept up my side of the bargain like I should have done.  For this challenge I was sent a lovely box of products to try.

That said, my sleep pattern has been somewhat chaotic and I have either fallen asleep and then constantly woken up on what feels like every hour, had trouble falling asleep or had no problem at all. You know what it is like when you have a busy day ahead so you go to bed early to get a good nights sleep so you are firing on all cylinders and hours later you are still laid there wide awake, even counting sheep doesn't help.

So what do I do when I can't sleep? It is said that you shouldn't do anything that keeps your mind racing around half an hour before bed, such as watching television or being on the computer.  I always complete my nighttime routine of cleanse, tone and moisturise, though in my case it is double cleanse, my new found love.  Then I apply my eye-cream and lip balm and my skin is ready to sleep as am I.

Once in bed if I am not yet sleepy, I do more often than not read, using my Kindle Fire HD for around 30-40 minutes, I have a rule that it is switched off by 11pm on weeknights and then position my sleep mask and wait for sleep to come.  Sleep usually comes in stages which you can read about HERE.

If I have been restless for a few nights in a row, I will ensure I have a relaxing bath before bed, usually something with Lavender, which is something I find really relaxing.

This eye mask has been working wonders for me.  Fragranced with Lavender seeds it is soft, silky and smooth once into position and does a fabulous job at shutting out the light.  For me to drift peacefully off to sleep, it needs to be dark, pitch black in fact, any cracks in the curtains, winds me up and I am in and out of bed to make sure every little bit of light is shut out, adding an eyemask to my sleep time routine, perfect and this one stays in place.

The following morning, we have all done it, woken up with what resembles suitcases under our eyes through lack of sleep and the first thing you grab is concealer.  For the past few weeks I have been using a combination of Dr Organic Aloe Vera Eye Gel and Bourjois Healthy Mix Conclealer in shade Apricot.

The Dr Organic Eye Gel which is infused with Cucumber, Eyebright and Witch Hazel is said to be soothing, restoring, refreshing and anti-aging.   Each ingredient works together to reduce eye puffiness, refresh tired eyes, reduce dark circles and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  I keep this product in the fridge (and there is a full review of it coming in another post) and when applied to the eyes it does feel instantly soothing and does help reduce the puffiness but doesn't get rid of it altogether.  Instead having used something like this, I find it is then much easier to apply my concealer and the Bourjois option is much better than I thought it would be.  It glides on under the eye, and I massage it into the skin using my third finger (ring finger if you prefer) and it goes some way towards concleaing those dark circles making me feel and look almost human again.

Aside from those two products, you can always use cucumber slices if you have time in the morning.  Cut two medium sized thick slices, pop them into the freezer whilst you shower, then once you have finished, take just 3-4 minutes of your time to use the cucumber to cool your under-eye and help reduce puffiness, again it doesn't eradicate but it does make a visual difference.

What are you top tips for getting a good nights sleep? Do you have a routine which you follow?

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

You Beauty Discovery Box - May Edition

For the past few months I have been getting the You Beauty Discovery Box which you can see February,  March and April with previous box contents.  This month my fourth box has arrived and I have said I am just as impressed.

You Beauty Discovery Box - May Edition

You Beauty Discovery Box - May Edition

This months box is themed "CEW(UK) Beauty Awards" and when I got my email to let me know my options for selection was now ready, I logged straight in with excitement to make my choices and I am so chuffed I got the products I really really wanted to try and surprisingly some of my choices were already sold out.

As I have said before, I love is how the box fits through my letterbox, it is packed really delicately and the box really study

Within the magazine which comes with the box we are told that for May's box they have joined forces with CEW(UK) in celebration of the holy anticipated CEW(UK) 2014 Beauty Awards. So as a dedicated subscriber, I have been given the opportunity to try both the finalists and winning brands which included:

Philip Kingsley - Elasticizer, Percy & Reed – Eau My Goodness Shine & Fragrance Spray, Oriflame – Tender Care Protecting Balm, Margaret Dabbs – Foot Hygiene Cream, Manuka Doctor – Mini Hero Kit, LOLA Make Up – Finishing Brush, L’Occitane en Provence – NEW Almond Milk Concentrate, GLAMGLOW – YOUTHMUD Tinglexfoliate Treatment & SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment, Fake Bake - 60 Minutes Self-Tan Liquid & Professional Mitt, Elemis – Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, Dr.Organic – Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum, CHEEKY – Nail Paint in Tongue ‘n’ Cheek, 
Carmex – Moisturising Lip Balm, Burt’s Bees – Facial Cleansing Towelettes with White Tea Extract, Batiste – XXL Plumping Powder - Just how much choice is there - WOW

Again as with previous boxes, with this subscription you get some extra treats and mine came in the form of Charles Worthington - Moisture Seal Hair Healer Leave-In Conditioner, a sachet of Caudalie – Divine Legs and a sachet of Lizi’s – Naturally Toasted Granola in Treacle and Pecan flavour.

You Beauty Discovery Box - May Edition

Then comes my actual selections.  

You Beauty Discovery Box - May Edition

As soon as I saw one of them there was no doubt it was going to go in my box and it starts with Lola Make-up Finishing Brush which has the following description:
"This multi-purpose brush is designed to create a natural and airbrushed look.
It can be used to perfect and blend powder or liquid formulations.
Ideal for buffing face primers or foundations to a flawless finish".

This is obviously a full sized product which has an RRP of £17. This brush won the Best New Beauty Tool or Accessory Award.

You Beauty Discovery Box - May Edition

You Beauty Discovery Box - May Edition

You Beauty Discovery Box - May Edition

The second choice of mine was Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum which comes with the follow description:
Produced with the finest Moroccan Argan Oil, this sumptuous but light hair treatment is instantly absorbed into the hair, resulting in a silky smooth finish with brilliant shine.
With the heavenly scent of Patchouli, Cinnamon and Rosewood and the combination of African organic extracts including Kukui, Moringa and Sacha Inchi Seed Oils, this bioactive formulation leaves hair beautifully conditioned.
This is a 100ml tube which you can purchase from places like Holland and Barratt and it has an RRP of £14.99

You Beauty Discovery Box - May Edition

So for a £6.95 subscription, my box has a value of around £32 which is amazing value for money!
What do you think to do this? Do you subscribe to these boxes?  What would you have chosen? If you subscribe, link your post below so I can see what you got.

Next month the attention will be dedicated to Beauty Hero’s - quite excited already!

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