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Friday, 17 January 2014

How I get Organised!

I am not the most organised person in the world, I try but if it wasn't for post-it notes I would probably forget what day of the week it was.  So in an effort to stay organised and not rely on my iPhone diary to tell me what is meant to be happening or that I am meant to be in a meeting I bought a Filofax:

What I love about this Filofax is the design, totally not something I would usually go for because it isn't pink, but I love the colour too.  Not to mention it was a bit of a bargain from Ryman being reduced from £34.99 to just £10 with all of the inserts:

So included within this Filofax is a 2014 diary, an addresses section, the personal section where you put your own details should you ever lose it and need it to be returned, a to do list, some plain and some coloured lined paper.

When the lovely Anna from Mrs Brimbles tweeted that she had some Filofax inserts for review from her Etsy Shop I jumped at the chance to do this.  Being a cat lover, I naturally chose the cat ones and what I love about these inserts is that you can sit and colour them in an they are just so pretty, you can see what is in the set HERE and there are some shown in the photograph below.

So, hopefully with this little bargain beauty I will now remember where I am supposed to be and when, what I have to do, my deadline and so on... I use it for both work, private life, socialising and blogging and so far it has been a total god send!

Do you have a Filofax?  How do you keep yourself organised?
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