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Top Bathing Accessories for a Self Care Night

Many of us are working more than one job, we have children, we’re holding down the family home, we’re trying to socialise, we’re trying to stay fit, we’re trying to work on ourselves. It can all seem a bit much right? Which one do you feed more than others? How do you prioritise all of them?
Top Bathing Accessories for a Self Care Night
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What did we miss off that list? Self care. With being so busy and hectic all the time, we often overlook the importance of checking in with ourselves and making sure other specific needs are being met. An indulgent self care bath routine with the very best bathing accessories can act as a reset, resulting in us feeling more energised and de-bloody-stressed.

Why Do We Need Self Care Nights?

Selfcare, many moons ago, got a bit of a bad rep for being a guilty pleasure, it was seen as self indulgent. However, we’re pleased to report this is a thing of the past! Self-care is actually a very important part of living a healthy, happy lifestyle. Looking after yourself both mentally and physically is crucial to functioning at your best.

Self care doesn’t have to involve a huge time commitment, if this is something that was holding you back. Take a bath routine for example, no more than 1 hour, a few candles, some music or a show, maybe a drink, and your favourite bathing accessories. You’ve got yourself the ultimate reset there!

Bathing accessories can be used time and time again, they are an investment in yourself. Some self care activities will come at a bit of an expense, however, purchasing, for instance a luxurious bath sponge, will see it serving you for years.

Bathing Accessories To Add To Your Routine
Bathing accessories can aid your skincare routine, provide massaging qualities, act as a relaxant, actually the possibilities are endless. Boost your self-care routine with these bath accessories that will help relax and de-stress you with every bath time!

Bath Sponge
A bath sponge is a great bathing accessory because it helps exfoliate the skin, removes dead skin cells, and improves circulation. It produces a rich lather, enhances the distribution of soap, and reaches difficult areas for a thorough clean. Additionally, bath sponges can provide a soothing, massaging effect, making the bathing experience more relaxing and enjoyable.

Bath Pouf
A bath pouf is a great bathing accessory because it effectively exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells and leaving the skin smooth and refreshed. It produces a rich lather with a small amount of soap or body wash, ensuring even distribution and a thorough clean. Bath poufs are also gentle on the skin, making them suitable for all skin types, and their soft texture provides a pleasant, massaging effect during use, enhancing the overall bathing experience.

Exfoliating Gloves
Exfoliating gloves are excellent bathing accessories because they provide effective exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and promoting smoother, healthier skin. They enhance blood circulation through gentle scrubbing, which can leave the skin looking more radiant. These gloves are easy to use, fit snugly on the hands, and allow for precise control, ensuring thorough cleaning of all body areas. Additionally, they can help improve the absorption of skincare products applied after bathing, making your skincare routine more effective.

A loofah is a great bathing accessory because it offers excellent exfoliation, helping to remove dead skin cells and leaving the skin smooth and revitalised. It creates a rich lather with a small amount of soap or body wash, ensuring an efficient and enjoyable cleansing experience. The natural texture of a loofah provides gentle scrubbing, which can improve blood circulation and promote healthier-looking skin. Additionally, loofahs can reach difficult areas, ensuring a thorough clean, and are environmentally friendly when made from natural fibres.

Self Care Tips To Make The Most of Your Bathing Accessories and Time

Designate a special place for your bathing accessories, maybe keep them on a self purely dedicated to you, or fill a drawer with separators and label them by use.

Create a bathing accessories inventory, you will constantly see new products you wish to purchase, keep a log of the ones that are maybe past their best and look to replace them ahead of your next self care night.

Make your bath time a non negotiable, whether you live on your own, with a partner, maybe your parents, ensure this is a time you are able to solely prioritise you and your bathing accessories.

If you want to invest in any of the bathing accessories mentioned above or explore even more, head over to Soinvogue. With their list of essential bath accessories, you’re well on your way of instilling the value of self-care in even the smallest and simplest of acts.

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