Thursday 30 May 2024

Tattoo Removal: How To Get Rid Of Permanent Make-up

One of the many pleasures of beauty and make-up products is the fun we can have trying out different looks. Yet with the recent popularity of permanent make-up, many people are finding out that some of those experiments are not so easy to change.

This is fine if you're delighted with your results and you don't ever want a different aesthetic. But what if you've dabbled with tattooed lip liner or eyebrows, for example, and you're wishing you could reverse or change it?

Tattoo Removal Tech To The Rescue

There's good news for anyone who is no longer enamoured with their permanent makeup. Developments in the tattoo removal industry mean that it's now easier than ever to have permanent ink erased from the skin.

The latest technology and techniques in the industry have risen to meet the increased demand for permanent make-up removal. So, now it can be quick, painless and affordable to have any unwanted facial ink procedures removed or reversed.

If this might be the solution you've been looking for, here are some answers to common questions about permanent make-up and what's possible with the latest tattoo removal technology.

Permanent Make-up Removal FAQS

Can laser treatments remove permanent makeup?

Yes, the latest tattoo removal lasers are suitable for removing permanent make-up. They are also highly effective and capable of truly impressive results. Innovations in laser technology mean that the new equipment is gentle enough to be used on sensitive areas, such as facial skin. This means they are a perfect solution for any unwanted eyebrow tattoos, hairline enhancements, or permanent lip liners etc. The new lasers are safe to use on the face and are much kinder to the skin than the old types of tattoo removal lasers.

What types of permanent makeup can be removed?

Some of the most popular permanent make-up choices that are being reversed using laser tattoo removal technology include;

• Permanent Eyebrow enhancements, such as eyebrow tattoos, microblading, eyebrow microshading and ombre eyebrows, also called powder brows.

• Permanent Lip Makeup, such as lip blushing tints, lip tattoos and permanent lip liner.

• Face and scalp procedures such as hairline microblading, scalp micropigmentation and freckle tattoos.

These are some of the most common requirements but if you have any permanent make-up not listed here, there's still a good chance that the top clinics will be able to reverse the procedure and remove the pigmentation. If the work is tattoo-based, it's likely that tattoo removal experts will be able to help you revert back to your natural look.

How soon can permanent make-up be removed?

The experts at NAAMA tattoo removal clinic - one of the leaders in the industry - share this advice about timescales for removal procedures; “You can come to NAAMA for permanent makeup removal as early as six weeks after it’s done.” This is great news if you're keen to make changes as quickly as possible, though they do advise that it's essential your skin is fully healed before beginning tattoo removal treatments. The best way to find out what's possible for you is to book a free consultation where an experienced professional will be able to give you the right advice for your requirements.

How long does permanent make-up removal take?

The timescales involved in more general tattoo removal have improved dramatically in recent years, and this applies to reversing permanent make-up procedures. The use of modern lasers that are kinder to skin, especially in sensitive areas such as the face, means that less recovery time is required. As a result, sessions can be carried out much more frequently, because the skin hasn't needed as long to heal fully. This means that the entire treatment schedule can be completed much more quickly, and you can get back the more natural look that you prefer within a period of just a few months.

Who are the best permanent make-up removal clinics?

Thankfully there are an increasing number of excellent clinics offering rapid, effective and painless permanent makeup removal treatments. Many of these also offer flexible payment plans to make this solution even more accessible to a wide range of people.

The best way to find the top provider near you is to do an online search and then check out the feedback and testimonials on an independent review site. There will usually be an array of Before & After photos that will also help you to see the kind of results you can expect. Then all you need to do is book a free consultation, and look forward to making those unwanted make-up choices less permanent.

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