Wednesday 24 January 2024

An introduction to AIVA skincare

Meet Aiva Skincare, a brand that is said to bring you the effortlessly simple and minimalist beauty secrets of Finland, infused with love.  I was kindly sent 'The Duo' and Aiva Sun SPF20.
An introduction to AIVA skincare
Aiva and their skincare is all about ease and simplicity, they love their multi-use products that honour your skin's natural functions and take into account the fact we all know our own skin and its needs, so creating products that are designed to support your skin's natural barrier, they have everything you might need when it comes to moisturising, nourishing, and maintaining balance.

The first product within 'The Duo' is The Oil and with this, not only can you cleanse and moisturise, you can also use it for massages too. 

Described as being a luxurious, supple multi use organic care oil, it is one which absorbs effortlessly to leave the skin feeling nourished with a soothing, protected layer.  It is non-greasy and leaves behind no residue and is packed full of amazing ingredients which includes: 

Hero Ingredients

  • Organic cold-pressed Northern Bilberry Seed (Nordic Wild Blueberry) Oil - said to be one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. It contains vitamins and flavonoids which work to protect the skin from the damaging effects of environmental pollution, oxidation, and premature cell ageing. plus the omega fatty acids and phytotensins work to nourish, moisturise and soothe the skin, helping to relieve inflammation while keeping the skin supple, supporting the skin's collagen.
  • Organic Northern Sea Buckthorn Oil -  helps to protect the skin and promote its regeneration, thanks in part to the Provitamin A it contains.
  • Organic cold-pressed virgin Jojoba Oil - helps to moisturise without making skin oily. The composition of Jojoba Oil is similar to that of the skin’s sebum, which helps the skin stay balanced.
  • Organic cold-pressed Olive Oil  - contains several effective antioxidants such as Vitamin E, polyphenols and phytosterols. Moisturises and smoothes the skin. Vitamin E supports the skin as it matures.
  • Organic cold pressed Apricot Kernel Oil - a deeply nourishing, luxurious, lightweight, non-irritating and soothing oil that moisturise and smooth out dryness. Excellent omega fatty acid ratio that suits even acne-prone skin. It’s Vitamins A, E and C helps to clarify the skin’s tone and complexion, promoting a natural glow.
As well as The Oil being used to cleanse, moisturise, nourish and protect you can also mix it with The Cream to make both face and body masks too.  What I love about this oil is that it doesn't feel like an oil on the skin, it reminds me of a serum as it absorbs into the skin and it leaves no trace behind that it was on your skin, but notably after using there is an instant softness to the touch.

The second product within 'The Duo' is The Cream and it is described as being a protective, nourishing and balancing antioxidant cream that leaves your skin feeling well, good and hydrated. 

As with the oil, this is a multi-functional use cream and it not only is it perfect for being used under makeup but because it is so lightweight and absorbs really quickly, it can be mixed with the oil to act as a face mask or body lotion and it is suitable for those with even the most sensitive of skin.  Again, as with the oil, this cream is infused with a whole host of hero ingredients which includes:

Hero Ingredients
  • Organic Northern Sea Buckthorn Extract  - this helps to protect the skin and promote its regeneration, thanks in part to the Provitamin A it contains. 
  • Organic cold-pressed virgin Jojoba Oil  - this helps to moisturise without making skin oily. The composition of Jojoba Oil is similar to that of the skin’s sebum, which helps the skin stay balanced.
  • Organic antioxidant Black Tea  - this helps protect and soothe the skin, reducing impurities and inflammation. The polyphenols contained in tea are effective antioxidants that help prevent the damage caused by environmental pollution including UV light. Its caffeine content revives the skin and acts as natural astringent.
  • Vanillin - used for its pleasant aroma which helps keep the composition aromatically soothing.
The cream is a delight to use, either on its own or mixed with the oil, the latter being my favourite way to use it.  On the skin, the cream is one of the lightest I have used in a very long time.

The Oil and The Cream are available together as a set, The Duo, for £59.

The final product I have to share is The Sun SPF 20, which also comes as an SPF, if you prefer. Described as being a high-quality discreet sunscreen for face and body and it delivers  100% natural physical, reflective protection, no chemical preservatives or nanoparticles.  

The unique Borealis Beauty Sun Blend composition is a mixture of natural and organic ingredients alongside mineral filters, which are scientifically proven to protect against both UVA and UVB rays. The sea buckthorn extract, vitamins C and E contained in the cream help to keep the skin in good condition when exposed to sunlight and prevent the skin from drying out.  It is very lightly perfumed (vanilla extract) but will not cause photo-sensitivity and is extremely safe and suitable for use on sensitive skins and impressively safe for use from the age of 3.

What I am enjoying about using this SPF is aside from not leaving a white cast on the skin, it absorbs really easily and does work quite well as a base product for makeup!

AIVA Skincare is such a lovely brand to get to know and I am already looking forward to seeing what comes next!

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