Saturday 13 January 2024

Wild Body Wash + Discount

If you hadn't yet come across or seen Wild deodorant, you need too because it is the world-first, plastic-free and sustainable natural deodorant that loudly shouts it is here to change the planet, and our way of thinking. However, recently added to their line-up is the Wild Body Wash.
Wild Body Wash
As with the Deodorant, the Body Wash (350ml) features a 100% plastic-free, compostable refill and those refills are also biodegradable, in fact we are told it will biodegrade faster than a banana skin, and of course the stylish aluminium case is designed to last a lifetime.

There is a choice of two different cases - Aqua or Pink and then, as this is also a subscription service, but does allow a one-off purchase, you get to make a choice as to which body wash scent you want, from 5 different ones to try from a choice of:
  • Orange Blossom - Citrus & Floral. Combines sun-kissed oranges with the delicate floral aroma of blossoms in full bloom.
  • Coconut & Vanilla  - Sweet & Tropical. A delightful fusion of sweetness and tropical bliss.
  • Fresh Cotton and Sea Salt - Energising & clean. Infuse your shower with a sense of purity and invigoration.
  • Mint & Aloe - Cool & Refreshing. The perfect start to your day with an invigorating blend of fresh mint and calming aloe vera.
  • Jasmine & Mandarin Blossom - Floral & sophisticated. A captivating blend of delicate florals and zesty citrus.
Each refill of the body wash is 350ml and is designed to last at least a month, but this is dependent on how often you shower and use it.

On choosing your scent/or scents your box arrives and you will need to follow the instructions printed on the box to connect the refillable bottle into the aluminium case, which thankfully is a 2 second job and then it is ready to be used.

The product, as you can see is dispensed by pump and when used, it comes out as a silky smooth clear liquid which quickly forms to a lather when it comes into contact with water. I have the Jasmine and Mandarin Blossom scent and it is just divine. Jasmine is one of my favourite perfume notes, so alongside the Mandarin Blossom, you definitely that a zesty floral uplifting scent that fills the entire bathroom and lingers on the skin after using. I have found that two pumps of this body wash was more than enough to cover my whole body and the formula is not harsh or abrasive but does leave your skin feeling clean yet moisturised.

The Subscription

  • The price of this is dependent on how you choose to try the Wild Body Wash. If you choose a one off try then the Aluminium Case is priced at £9 and three re-fills are £21 which costs £30 in total.
  • The subscription service offers you the choice of buying your Alumium Case and your first refill for £15 or you can opt for the Flexi-Subscription and this gives you the Aluminium Case and the price of the refills will be £6 instead of £7 and you get 3 refills every 2, 3 or 4 months
Plus you can skip, pause or cancel at any time.

Discount Code

If I have persuaded you and you want to try Wild Bodywash for yourself, my code Beautyqueen will give you 20% off a one-time only purchase or for your subscription, in the same way it does for the Wild Deodorant.

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