Monday 27 March 2023

Wild Deodorant

If you hadn't heard, Wild deodorant is the world-first, plastic-free and sustainable natural deodorant that loudly shouts it is here to change the planet, and our way of thinking.
Wild Deodorant
As a beauty blogger, I am all too aware about packaging waste and how important it is to do my bit. I have already stopped using wipes, many years ago, In fact as they just irritated my skin, I don't use cotton wool pads, I switched to reusable pads a few years ago now and haven't looked back. I also have a bundle of products that I can re-fill and that is one of the plus points with Wild Deodorant, it is a re-fill, it is a subscription service and it might just have won me over.

This is a reusable deodorant applicator and it is made from aluminium so will last you a whole lifetime, better still, Wild state that every time you refill your case, you will save 30 grams of plastic going to landfill. Unlike the other deodorants I use, this one doesn't contain aluminium salts, instead you will find the likes of tapioca starch which works to absorb moisture throughout the day and to keep you feeling fresh. 
Wild Deodorant
I'm not one of those overly sweaty people, but I am self-conscious about not smelling of body odour, and that is the only reason I had yet to switch to a more natural deodorant. However, Wild is an all-natural product which has no sulphates, aluminium or parabens plus, it has been dermatologically approved so it won't disturb PH levels.

The Subscription or High Street

Wild deodorant is a subscription service and it starts with the purchase of the starter pack which is just £12 and for that you get a reusable case and a refill in the scent of your choice. It is worth noting that there is a choice of 7 scents to choose from. From then on, you'll be charged £15 every 8-14 weeks (depending on the schedule you've chosen) and the package you receive will feature 3 refills, so it is just £5 per re-fill.  

If you decide the subscription isn't for you, then the good news is that you can get the starter kit and one re-fills from the high-street and you can find Wild stocked in a variety of different places both online and on the high-street such as - Holland & BarrettSelfridgesSainsbury’sBoots and AmazonHowever, using my code Beautyqueen will give you 20% off but it is only valid until the 31st March!

The Re-fill

Depending on your usage, the re-fill should last 2-3 months and it is so easy to put together and use. When your package arrives, you will find the aluminium case and a re-fill which you need to connect together.
Wild Deodorant
Thankfully, the box which your package arrives in does explain how to put your deodorant together in seconds, but it honestly could not be more simple. It is simply a case of slotting the refill into the slot by twisting the base of your Wild Natural Deodorant case clockwise all the way down to the bottom. Then on the side of the case you will see two buttons which you need to press and this gives you the ridged slow where you place the refill and then you are ready to go.
Wild Deodorant
Wild Deodorant
As mentioned, Wild has got 7 scents to choose from and each one is packed full of premium natural ingredients that work to stop the growth of odour-causing bacteria whilst at the same time working to keep your armpits smooth and moisturised.

My Experience

The one thing that worried me the most about switching to a natural deodorant was the unknown. Having mentioned I am self-conscious about not smelling of body odour, especially as my sense of smell is practically non-existent after Covid, so I have to rely on other people to tell me about scents and smells.  I also read that it can take a few weeks for your body to adjust to a natural deodorant and thankfully, I have not had a single issue with body odour at all.

I use 2-3 swipes of the deodorant stick under my arms, I have the scent Fresh Cotton and Sea Salt:
Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt
Energising and clean. Like freshly-laundered linen drying in a salty, seaside breeze.
In a nut shell, that is exactly the scent. It is incredibly fresh scented but also reminds me of a blustery walk down the promenade taking in that fresh sea air and I can't get enough of it.  So I put it to the test over the course of a few busy days of having to get the tube and anyone who uses the Central Line will know despite the weather outside, it is hotter than the depths of hell and you sweat from places you didn't know you could sweat from. But... I am so delighted that I did not get to work and back home again a sweaty mess, there was no musty odour and I didn't feel the need to switch back to my usual deodorant, I am so far still using Wild and that in itself is quite the win!

It is fair to say Wild has won me over and I have already got my refills ready to go. So,
if you want to try Wild Deodorant for yourself, my code Beautyqueen will give you 20% off but it is only valid until the 31st March!

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