Monday 14 August 2023

Nourish London Argan Anti-Ageing Skincare Essentials Set

One way to get to know a brand and what they have to offer is with their Travel Size offers and one thing Nourish London has, is a whole selection of products in generous travel sizes that are sold as stand alone offerings or in sets and kits like this Argan Anti-Ageing Skincare Essentials Set.
Nourish London Argan Anti-Ageing Skincare Essentials Set
I was first introduced to Nourish London in 2021 with their The Gift of Radiance collection and since then I have been lucky enough to try further products including the Probiotic Multi-Mineral Repair Mask which is fantastic.
Turn back the clock and fight the signs of ageing with the complete anti-ageing 4-step skincare set, featuring Cleanser Mist Serum & Moisturiser.
So, this Argan Anti-Ageing Skincare Essentials Set is made up of four different products from the Nourish London Collection and is priced at just £37 - here and everything comes packaged in a fair trade organic cotton bag, by Freeset.
Nourish London Argan Anti-Ageing Skincare Essentials Set
The four products inside this skincare set help to create a really simple, but effective skincare routine and it features everything from a cleanser to Serum.

First up is the Skin Renew Argan Cleanser - Powered with Argan and Jojoba oils and pollution protecting kale extract, this hydrating formula of natural oils deeply cleanses without stripping, leaving skin hydrated and protected. It also features an enhanced omega-rich cleansing formula to sweep away impurities, melt away makeup and refine and hydrate the skin.

The creamy formula is silky smooth on the skin and should be used on damp skin, it literally cleans everything in its path, once it has been removed from the skin, I love how clean and hydrated it feels.

The second product is the Antioxidant Peptide Mist and I absolutely love a good mist. Formulated with peptides and a soothing blend of essential oils, this mist is designed to instantly hydrate, brighten, protect and calm the skin.

Powered with the likes of antioxidant turmeric, probiotic minerals and anti-ageing peptides, you will also find hyaluronic acid and liquorice to brighten the skin and boost radiance. With a power spritz which gives an intense hit of mist without drenching your skin, this facial mist quenches dry skin and helps to revive sleep-deprived skin, perfect for all-day freshness and air-conditioned environments.

The third product is the Anti-ageing Face Serum, I am already a fan of the Radiance Rejuvenating Peptide Serum, this one has a lot to live up to.

Suitable for all skin types, this serum is formulated with peptides, hyaluronic acid, argan and kale which work to boost collagen and reduce fine lines as well as to smooth and nourish the skin.  On the skin, this serum is really lightweight and has an almost watery like texture to it, which when it comes to serums, I really enjoy. It absorbs quickly on contact and isn't sticky or tacky.

The Final product within this collection is the Anti-ageing Daily Moisturiser and this really is a pot of joy.  Formulated with omega-rich argan oil, collagen-boosting tri-peptides and antioxidant vitamin E, these ingredients come together to increase skin hydration, nourishes, smooths and firms the skin, helping to minimise fine lines and other signs of ageing.

The inclusion of frankincense, myrrh & borage oils are also added and they work together to rejuvenate the skin whilst rose of Jericho optimise hydration and strengthen skin cells which in turn works to improve elasticity and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  On the skin, this is a really light moisturising cream which absorbs super quickly leaving nothing on the skin at all, except the feeling of hydration and moisturisation.

As a set of skincare products, these four really work well together and are perfect for keeping your travel skincare to the absolute minimum whilst still taking care of your skin.

You can find the Nourish London Argan Anti-Ageing Skincare Essentials Set right here alongside the rest of the brands products.

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