Wednesday 16 August 2023

Moo & Yoo Vegan Haircare

I love it when a brand has a really good background to share and Moo & Yoo is one of them. Created by Suzie who became increasingly frustrated that many of the salon products she was using, as a hair stylist and salon owner, were too harsh and irritated her skin. So, she joined forces with hr daughter Olivia to create their own solution, bringing gentle and natural products in fully recyclable glass bottles and jars to UK salons and customers - Meet Moo & Yoo.
Moo & Yoo Vegan Haircare
I was kindly gifted three products from what is, a very extensive range of hair care, body care as well as some lifestyle products - think candles and hair brushes.   The three products, shown above, look and feel luxurious as they are housed in wonderfully heavy glass bottles, making them recyclable and everything you need to know about the product is written there.

If you're not sure which hair care products you need to be using, then helpfully there is a hair care quiz to try and it is really helpful to go through to narrow down your options. 

I have The Miracle Shampoo which is described as being a cleansing, gentle and nourishing product for all hair types.  This bottle, as you can see, comes with a pump action dispenser which is really handy for using and I find two pumps is enough for my hair.
Moo & Yoo Vegan Haircare
This is a lightweight silky shampoo which really leaves your hair feeling clean, soft and nourished. It has been almost 9 months since I have been into a salon, so my hair needs all the TLC it can get and thankfully this collection ticks boxes. Kind to the scalp, it causes no irritation it uses natural Marula oil and Icelandic moss which also protect the hair from the damaging effects of UV exposure and environmental toxins.

The advice before using this shampoo, other than to ensure your hair is thoroughly soaked through, is to shake it really well because it is a natural product and could separate.

Following on from the Miracle Shampoo comes the Miracle Conditioner and again, as you can see, it comes packaged in a matching glass bottle with a dispenser too.
Moo & Yoo Vegan Haircare
Again, this is a really lightweight conditioner, which whist slightly thicker in texture than the shampoo, doesn't weight the hair down or leave it feeling greasy. Its job is to nourish and protect the hair leaving which it does, but at the same time, mine is left feeling so hydrated, soft to the touch and almost frizz free, just those pesky baby hairs that refuse to pipe down.

In the conditioner we also see the same use of both Marula oil and Icelandic moss which lock-in moisture, promote shine and also protect the hair from the damaging effects of UV exposure and environmental toxins.

If your hair is in real need of some TLC, then the Miracle Mask is an absolute must try hair mask. I try to remember to use a hair mask at least once a week, if not every 2 weeks because my hair is just dreadful otherwise.
Moo & Yoo Vegan Haircare
Moo & Yoo Vegan Haircare
The Masks job is to leave your hair feeling rehydrated, silky and shiny as it repairs and strengthens, seals the hairs cuticle and helps to try and banish those pesky dry and frizzy ends.

This is a really rich and nourishing hair mask and I use around a table spoon of the mask on my lengths and ends and leave it to work for around 5 minutes before I rinse it out, but if I want to really get the most out of this mask, I apply a thicker layer to my entire hair and then cover it with my shower cap and let it work for around 15 minutes before rinsing it out.

Again, the ingredients within this mask is Marula oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Icelandic moss which not only lock-in moisture but also work to protect from the effects of UV exposure and environmental toxins.

A really lovely brand to get to know and absolutely one that you should be looking to try, especially if you want the more natural, vegan and cruelty free products.

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