Wednesday 26 July 2023

Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Scalp Hair Care Collection

Hair Care and Scalp Care are two things I really make the effort with, especially since having Covid when I noticed my hair was falling out more than usual. If I am feeling under the weather, my scalp itches, it is one of the signs I am stressed, unwell and in some cases, used a product that just isn't right for me.  
Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Scalp
For the last few months, I switched from using my trusted Ginger Shampoo, to the Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Scalp Range. This Clean Beauty Scalp range is made up of a 3-part system infused with gentle botanicals that are said to help calm and re-balance all scalp types, especially dry, oily or sensitive conditions, with instant relief while at the same time, strengthening and nourishing hair.

The first product within this trio is the Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Scalp Therapy Shampoo and it is described as being a nutrient-rich, vegan shampoo formulated to clarify your hair and scalp.Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Scalp
Formulated for dry, oily or sensitive scalps, the vegan formula work to remove both impurities and build-up, while at the same time nourishing with a blend of nutrient-rich ingredients.

I really like the lightweight formula of this shampoo, you need just a small amount to create a really good lather and it smells really fresh and clean too.  The formula is infused with grapevine sap and soothing chamomile extract to cleanse and clarify, while zinc helps to remove excess oil. Suitable for colour-treated hair, the shampoo leaves your hair and scalp feeling refreshed and replenished.

As with the shampoo, this is a nutrient-rich conditioner formulated to clarify and nourish your scalp and hair as it delivers a nutrient-rich blend to nourish your hair and scalp.
Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Scalp
Again, this conditioner has a really lightweight formula which doesn't feel heavy when applied to the hair and, as with the shampoo, it is enriched with grapevine sap and soothing chamomile extract which work to gently clarify and condition, while at the same time, zinc, which helps to remove excess oil and visibly strengthen hair.

Then finally we have the Clean Beauty Scalp Therapy Drops and these are my favourite product from the three so far.
Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Scalp
Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Scalp
Using the pipette, the advice with these drops is to section your hair and then apply 3ml to a clean scalp and massage in circular motions to help evenly distribute, and this is a non-rinse out product too.

Using Scalp-soothing formulas which features nourishing grapevine sap to provide a balanced blend of minerals, amino acids and other essential nutrients to help improve the appearance of the scalp and hair, as well as antioxidant-rich chamomile extract which is packed with antioxidants and polyphenols to help soothe the scalp and nourish hair.  These drops also come with a really soft scent that has hints of citrus, delicate florals and a powdery finish, not too overpowering and hasn't irritated my scalp.

What I enjoy about the Scalp Drops is that they don't leave my hair looking greasy when applied, they're easy to use and actually soothe and calm an irritated scalp.

If you find your hair and scalp has become a little sensitive of late, then this is a great collection of products to try, especially the drops because you can just apply them when you need to or daily, which is the advice.

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