Monday 3 April 2023

Essence fix & LAST Jelly Primer

Essence is one of those brands that doesn't get as much love as it should. I am a huge fan of so many products, especially their mascara range, but new to my stash is the fix & LAST Jelly Primer and it is pretty impressive.
Essence fix & LAST Jelly Primer

Essence Fix & Last Make-up Gripping Jelly Primer is, as you would expect, designed to provide extra-long makeup hold whilst at the same time, give a smooth, fresh finish. What I was really intrigued by was the term 'Jelly' because having tried a jelly cleanser, which wasn't much of a jelly but still a great product.  
“The fix & LAST make-up gripping JELLY PRIMER is the perfect partner in crime for all beauty lovers who are looking for extra-long hold. Simply apply the transparent jelly texture, wait a few seconds until it is absorbed into the skin – and the gripping effect for perfect make-up hold is activated! The primer also provides moisture and can be worn with foundation or on its own. Either way, it creates a smooth, fresh finish.“
Described as being a primer which is quickly-absorbed and has a transparent jelly texture, this primer is also said to add moisture, it can also be worn with foundation or on its own as it helps to create a smooth, fresh finish. 
Essence fix & LAST Jelly Primer
Essence fix & LAST Jelly Primer
Despite the Jelly looking bright pink in colour, it is actually a light pink transparent jelly, so it is perfectly good to be used with both cream, gel and powder products. Essence recommend applying the primer, and then waiting a few seconds being applying makeup, to allow it to fully absorb, by which point that ‘gripping’ effect is said to be ready for your foundation.

With it's pump action bottle, you only need just the one pump of the jelly primer and I really like the texture, it does have that jelly look to it, but when massaged onto the skin, it turns to a gel like cream and it does a great job at holding my makeup in place and all for just £4 and it is also Cruelty-free & vegan-friendly.

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