Tuesday 23 June 2020

Essence What The Fake Mascara

One of my favourite high street brand of cosmetics has to Essence, my local Wilko isn't the best advertisement for the brand as the stand always looks as though it has been ransacked and it never has any products that haven't been opened and swatched, for you to purchase.  However, there are plenty of places online, such as Feelunique, to get your hands on the brand - thankfully.
Essence What The Fake Mascara
Lash Princess is possibly one of the most talked-about products from Essence, but today I am talking about What The Fake! Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara which retails for just £3.49 and it is an absolute steal. I am so picky when it comes to using mascara, I do have fairly long eyelashes and I wear glasses, so I find that any mascara which has an overly wet formula is simply not going to work for me as I always feel as though my lashes are being dragged down. So, formula aside, I am also picky when it comes to the mascara wand because I don't want a wand that is too thick, I just cannot work with them and find they aid clumping

What The Fake! is described as being a mascara that 'reaches all eyelashes in just two strokes thanks to its almond-shaped, ergonomic brush' Well the wand I actually really do like, the shape just works really well with my lashes, it doesn't overload the product and it is easy enough to wiggle through your lashes, even those tiny ones in the corners. The formula uses special nylon fibres which provide the lashes with that look of being lengthened and given volume, for me, what makes this mascara different to others which use fibres, is that again, the formula isn't weighted down with them, which then transfers to the lashes making you blink excessively, which is really annoying.
Essence What The Fake Mascara
I have just come to the end of this mascara, even though I am working from home, I do still wear mascara, it is almost like a habit to just apply it when I get dressed and do my skincare, the tube lasts really well, doesn't dry out before you need to dispose of it and because it actually coats all the lashes, rather than most of them, for £3.49 from Feelunique it is one I would purchase again!

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