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Disciple Skincare Discovery Kit

I have already shared by love for Clean & Serene by Disciple, a skin care brand which is fairly new to me, but gosh has it made quite the impression. Today it is the turn of the Disciple Discovery Kit and if there is one set of products you need to try - this is it!
Disciple Discovery Kit
Disciple, as a brand was created for stresses-out skin by Charlotte Ferguson, a psychotherapist who used her fountain of skin knowledge. As a brand, Disciple, is described as being perfect for addressing inflammatory skin issues such as blemishes, eczema and premature ageing. The products are so good that they hand-blended in small batches from the best raw botanical ingredients, these adaptogen-rich formulas work not only on the surface of the skin but internally too, improving your body’s ability to adapt to stress and helping to rebalance hormones.

So, the Discovery Kit is a day and night oil duo which is designed for those who are struggling with tricky, stressed-out skin.
Disciple Discovery Kit
Starting with the Day Oil which is called Good Skin, it is described as being a 100% active botanical face oil. It is formulated for those who are prone to break-outs and this oil is rich in essential fatty acids as well as hormone balancing essential oils and bad bacteria fighting prebiotics. So, you will find:
  • Grapeseed oil a lightweight and nourishing which helps to restore moisture, smooth the skin’s surface, boost radiance and improve skin elasticity.
  • Turmeric oil which helps to speed up the healing process as well as to take out redness antibacterial
  • Geranium oil, for its antibacterial properties, works to balance rogue hormones naturally.
  • Burdock Root, the prebiotic which gives the good bacteria on the skins surface a boost, helping it to fight break-out causing bacteria and sooth inflammation.
On the skin, this oil is really light and you only need 3-4 drops to be applied, in a patting motion to the skin after cleansing. From its ingredients, this oil is the one which helps to clear, brighten and nourish tricky skin.
Disciple Discovery Kit
Disciple Discovery KitThe second oil is Dreamy Skin Night Oil and it is described as being "pretty much everything you need in a night oil, this powerhouse treatment helps regenerate skin cells while you sleep" - think reducing pigmentation, pore size, fine lines and boosting firmness, which ticks a lot of boxes.

Again, really light in its texture, this oil is full of ingredients which have been chosen because they do help to regenerate your skin as you sleep.  So within the formula, you will find:
  • Rosehip seed oil which is packed with potent essential fatty acids to help improve the skin's texture and elasticity.
  • Retinyl  which is a pure form of vitamin A and has the ability to penetrate the outer layers of the skin and work to repair the lower layers where collagen and elastin live.
  • Frankincense, Blue Chamomile and Jasmine essential oils which help to reduce inflammation, relieve stress and balance hormones.
  • Burdock Root which is also found in the Good Skin Oil above. Its job is to give the good bacteria on the skins surface a boost and helps to fight break-out causing bacteria and free-radicals.
As with the Good Skin oil, this one should also be applied to freshly cleansed skin though it can be used on top of serums, in place of or under your moisturiser, depending on your skin's needs.  

Both oils are vegan and cruelty free and this Disciple Discovery Kit can be found priced between £12-£17 from Cult Beauty, Disciple, Boots, John Lewis and Lookfantastic to name just a few.

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