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Aldi’s Caviar Collagen Pro Skincare Range

Back in 2015, when Aldi first debuted their Caviar range and it was the first time I had heard people rave about the Lacura brand, especially given the price point of £6.99 instead of £100 upwards. In recent weeks, Aldi has once again created a line of products which sent my social media feed into a bit of a frenzy and having taken the time to try the products out over the last few months, I can see why. Introducing the brand new Caviar Collagen Pro range from Lacura.
Aldi’s Caviar Collagen Pro Skincare Range
As you might expect from Aldi, this range of products features premium skincare ingredients which includes Caviar Extract, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Earth Marine Water and Algae Complex, this unique formulation has been specifically designed for the beauty brand and helps to reduce signs of ageing whilst plumping and protecting skin, the outcome being that the complexion if left feeling hydrated and looking all glowy.  

So why those ingredients?

  • Caviar Extract - works to deliver nutritive elements to the skin as it is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, plus it helps to reduce the signs of ageing.
  • Collagen - known for its plumping and smoothing properties, it also helps to firm the skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid - helps to improve the skins water binding ability and helps the retention of moisture which results in well hydrated and supple skin.
  • Earth Marine Water + Algae Complex - this is a special combination of ingredients which promotes the natural glow of the skin and helps to even out the skin tone.

Within this Caviar Collagen Pro range is four products and they retail in price from £4.99 up to £7.99 and here is what you can find.

The first product you need to hunt down and get your hands on is the Lacura Caviar Collagen Pro Day Cream with SPF 15 (£7.99, 50ml). Described as being the one to tick all the boxes, this cream helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as prevent the development of pigmentation marks. With promises to tighten and firm, this formulation has added SPF 15 to help protect against premature ageing.
Aldi’s Caviar Collagen Pro Skincare Range
What I absolutely love about this Day Cream is its texture, it sits somewhere between being lightweight and thick enough to melt onto and into the skin without any effort. It has no notable fragrance to it and whilst I don't have enough of the fine lines and wrinkles to confirm it ticks the box, what I can tell you is that it is hydrating, it moisturises, it doesn't sit on the skin, it isn't slimy or sticky and the tightening and firming, I would say not quite there, but definitely a glowy after-use.

My favourite product from the range comes next and it is described as being a more concentrated treatment, and it is the Lacura Caviar Collagen Day Serum (£5.99, 50ml). Again, it is described as being the one to take skincare routines to the next level, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improving elasticity, meaning your skin will appear firmer, tighter and plumped for a youthful looking complexion.
Aldi’s Caviar Collagen Pro Skincare Range
I like a serum to be a serum and one of my biggest bug bears are those which apply delightfully to the skin but are then sticky and tacky to the touch, a common issue with many serums.  This one comes out of the tube like a rich cream, but disappears within miliseconds on the skin and it leaves behind, soft, smooth skin. It really is delightful.

Not forgetting the eyes, the Lacura Caviar Collagen Pro Eye Cream (£4.99, 15ml) has been designed to hydrate and give that rested-eye look. For me, an eye cream shouldn't be thick, it should be lightweight to apply and absorb into the skin quickly and this does tick both of those boxes. You need just the smallest amount, I apply mine using either my ring finger or by using my metal eye cream applicator, which is dreamy.
Aldi’s Caviar Collagen Pro Skincare Range
Leaving the under-eye area feeling nourished and not causing any irritation, it is the perfect addition to both your morning and evening routines.

The final product within this quartet is the Lacura Collagen Pro Night Cream (£7.99, 50ml) and it is the one which is said to boast a natural repair system to help revitalise skin overnight.
Aldi’s Caviar Collagen Pro Skincare Range
Like most night creams, this one has a slightly richer texture to it and without being greasy or slimy, it glides onto the skin, leaving behind a soft, smooth surface to the skin.   What I have enjoyed about using this cream is how moisturising it is, especially when my skin is a little drier than usual right now.

For anyone who is looking to start a skincare routine that doesn't yet have one, or for anyone who is wanting to swap out products for something new, then this is a line of products I cannot recommend enough, especially at the price points given.

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