Thursday 4 November 2021

Ancienne Ambiance luxury soap collection

The Ancienne Ambiance luxury soap collection which first launched back in 2013 has revealed four new stunning new scents: Adriatica Fig, Ambra Amber, Bacca Berryand Neroli Orange Blossom which I am sharing with you today.
Ancienne Ambiance luxury soap collection
Ancienne Ambiance luxury soap collection
 Ancienne Ambiance luxury soap collection
I’ve been a fan of Ancienne Ambiance since my introduction to Goddess Floral Water and the Bacca Berry Candle, so I had little doubt these soap bars would be anything other than amazing.

Each one of the four Ancienne Ambiance Soap bars are beautifully imprinted with the iconic Ancienne Ambiance logo and each soap, which is a 100g bar in a rectangular shape is quite possibly the most luxurious looking soap bars I’ve ever seen.  The packaging that these soaps come in is 100% recyclable.
“If you’re new to Ancienne Ambiance I highly recommend trying one of our luxury soap bars. Cleansing and moisturising in one go, it will tell you all you need to know about our brand, craftsmanship and the quality of everything we do.”
As with all Ancienne Ambiance soaps, shea butter brings a skin soothing and smoothing element. Made in France using traditional techniques, the composition is a 100% vegetable oil base, complete with coconut oil, which contains natural glycerine. Showcasing several nourishing vitamins, the formula is created without potentially irritating synthetic SLS in there either. 

The four soaps which have been presented above are Neroli, Ambra, Adriatica and Bacca and whilst I think Neroli is my favourite of the four, they are all absolutely lovely. Alongside the soap is also a little historical story, which I think makes these all the more delightful.

The first soap I am sharing with you is the Neroli, which is my favourite of the four is described as being a luxury orange blossom soap.
Ancienne Ambiance luxury soap collection
The use of Neroli and orange blossom is said to date back to ancient Egypt where they were used in several beauty recipes, not too similar from the uses we have today and the word Neroli is attributed to a French-born Italian princess (Countess of Nerola, c. 1600s) who used orange blossoms in her bathwater.  As fragrance, Neroli is said to have a calming effect for anyone who is anxious or in shock, it is also kind to the skin and can be used to treat headaches and insomnia too.
Ancienne Ambiance luxury soap collection
Ambra, which is the next soap, has a lovely burnt orange colour to it and whilst it isn't my favourite scent,  it is described as being a soft and comforting aromatic fragrance. 
Ambra Amber is inspired by the Ambergris resin favoured by Roman Emperors and it has a sweet earthy fragrance to it which is also said to be a calming scent that soothes the mind and can be used to help aid sleep.

The freshest scent of the four soaps is Adriatica which is described as being a fresh and clean fragrance, Adriatica Fig is said to blend the woody notes of the fig tree with the fruity sweetness of Mediterranean white Adriatic figs. 
Ancienne Ambiance luxury soap collection
Highly prized in antiquity, figs and fig wood are said to be a symbol of rebirth, abundance, enlightenment and prosperity. Figs also happen to be good for the skin because they host anti-inflammatory properties.

Finally we have Bacca, a beautiful red coloured soap which has a fragrance that is very much like the candle I mentioned earlier within this post.
Ancienne Ambiance luxury soap collection
As with the rest of the soaps within this post, this one also has a story to it. Described as being a sophisticated and vibrant fruity blend of redcurrants, blackcurrants alongside an array of freshly picked bursting berries, it is a scent that you notice before it lathers and it is also one which scents the room your are in. The story goes that a seasonal staple for early hunter-gatherers for thousands of years, Bacca (the Latin used for ‘small round fruit’) were also enjoyed by the Romans, Etruscans and Greeks and are thought to have medicinal properties.

Anyone who is familiar with the brand Ancienne Ambiance will know that they are not just any soaps, they are quite something. When they come into contact with the water, they do lather very quickly and are gentle enough to be used on the face and body. On sale now, these soaps are priced at £6 for 100g or as a foursome they are £24 and there is an option to build your own soap set too.

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