Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Ecooking Vitamin C Serum

This year for me, Vitamin C products have really come into their own, everyone is launching one or has one within in their range. Latest into my collection has been the ECooking Vitamin C Serum and anyone who searches my blog will know just what I fan of this brand I have become, the Multibalm being one of my absolute favourite products.
Ecooking Vitamin C Serum
Ecooking Vitamin C Serum
On the skin, this serum is really lightweight, it isn't overly thick in texture and it glides on like an absolute dream and absorbs really quickly. Designed to help increase hydration while improving the appearance of signs of ageing as well as all-over tone.  Being fragrance free, there is no natural scent of orange within this serum, infact there is very little scent at all, which I know will please a whole lot of people.

If you are familiar with ECooking as a brand then you will know that their products contain a whole host of ingredients who are there with a job to do and this serum is no different. Alongside the Vitamin C will also find:
  • Hyaluronic Acid has a calming effect on the skin and provides intense hydration. 
  • Sodium PCA (an amino acid complex) increases moisture absorption in the skin. 
  • Actibiome removes signs of redness and blemishes by strengthening and re-balancing the skin. 
  • Vegetable glycerine (extracted from coconut) gives skin a much-needed moisture boost and works to prevent drying.
I apply this serum at night, after cleansing and as well as applying to my face, I also apply to my d├ęcolletage as well as advised to do so following the instructions of use. What I really enjoy about this serum after it has been applied is how quickly my skin feels soft and smooth to the touch and that moisture boost is most definitely evident.

It has been noted that some people do experience some tingling when using a product with Vitamin C in, though I haven't with this serum I am glad to say and despite it only containing just 20ml you use such a small amount, a little goes a very long way.

The ECooking Vitamin C Serum is priced at £43 and you can find it via Lookfantastic*, Beauty Expert* and Ecooking*.

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  1. I am just a few weeks into this and am really enjoying it so far x


  2. What an interesting serum! I have a La Roche Posay one at the mo, but it doesn't do as much as this one. The anti reddening in this sounds good. I always suffer being fair skinned.

  3. I really enjoy vitamin c serums, and have just finished mine, so will look into this!

  4. Thanks for the review. I am a big fan of ECooking products and this Vitamin C serum looks like a good addition to their range.


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