Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Von Norten - Eco Conscious Luxury

There is nothing quite like some luxurious products for the bathroom to make that pamper session all the more relaxing and Von Norten definitely are luxurious, stunning and just a little bit different.  I was kindly gifted some products to try and I am sharing them with you today.
Von Norten - Eco Conscious Luxury
Von Norten is a Scandinavian Luxury Brand whose products are made with raw, ethically-sourced and vegan ingredients and are free from toxins such as Alcohol, Parabens, Paraffins and Sulphates. What you get is a brand that puts together products that are passionate about preserving nature for future generations whilst being dedicated to the environment and sustainability but whose products are also pure luxury and a delight to use.

The first product that I couldn't wait to try was the Rose Geranium Foaming Bath and Shower Cream with coconut oil and the first time I got a sniff of the scent it really did wow me. It is fresh, it is not overpowered by coconut, it isn't overly floral either. What you have is all three coming together to create this wonderful, almost Spring scent in a bottle.
Von Norten - Eco Conscious Luxury
I love that you can use this in the bath or shower, by preference, I do much prefer a bath, but I like to have the time to enjoy it and relax in it. So mornings for me are a shower but again, something I want to take my time to enjoy.    On the skin, this product hydrates and nourishes as you might expect it too but it also does linger on the skin and it is hard to just not adore the scent.

Having a luxurious hand wash is a real treat right now, I can't even tell you how many times a day I am washing my hands, but given I do it so frequently, I want to do so with something as wonderful as this.  The Lavender and Bergamot Hand Wash with Argan Oil, Aloe Vera and Honey.
I am a huge fan of the scent of Lavender but it has to be a fresh scent rather than a synthetic one, both smell absolutely different.  With this hand wash it is most definitely fresh and when it comes into contact with the citrus of Bergamot, the two are quite a powerful force.  On the hands, the hand wash is as lightweight as I like, it doesn't make your hands feel greasy and it absorbs quite quickly to leave hind soft, smooth skin.  

What I have found in recent months with using a lot of hand gel that is, for obvious reasons, high in alcohol content, my hands, particularly on my palms, have become quite dry, so I am quite probably using more hand cream than I would usually do and to protect my hands, I want something that will cleanse and clean as well as protect and this one definitely ticks those boxes.

The final part of my package comes in the form of a candle and anyone who knows me will know how much of a fan of candles I am, though I am picky about what sort of candle.
Von Norten - Eco Conscious Luxury
As expected from Von Norten, their scented candles made with vegan and ethical-sourced ingredients from nature and use a delicate and beautiful combination of aromatic freshness. This particular candle screams Autumn with its Cinnamon and Lemon. The scent is like a warm hug and it fills the house so beautifully that it is hard not to grab a chunky blanket and enjoy an afternoon of feel good movies.

Each candle is made with recycled glass and totally free from Paraffin.  With a burn time of around 60 hours, this is a wonderful candle to have.

For me, Von Norten is one of those brands you just need to try absolutely everything of, be it a home fragrance such as a candle or something from the body care range, such as an oil or a hand cream.   For more information about Von Norten and other products they have to offer, you can find them right here.

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  1. Now this brand sounds riiiiiight up my street! Love the packaging and the scents sound amazing! x


  2. This brand sounds amazing, but when I click on the link it doesn't show the products in GBP, is there a UK site?

    1. When they go into your basket, the currency automatically switched to GBP

  3. This brand sounds amazing but I can't find a UK site, the link you published doesn't show the products in GBP?

  4. What a pretty brand!



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