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Shrub Hair Care Launches into Boots

Shrub is a vegan hair care brand who recently launched into Boots. Taking their inspiration from the British countryside, the products are made in the UK using local ingredients. Shrub state that they stand for honesty, use natural and ethically sourced ingredients from British farms and never use liquid plastics. I was kindly sent a whole bundle of products to try a few months ago and here they are.
Shrub Hair Care Launches into Boots
I absolutely love discovering new hair care brands and I am really liking getting to know Shrub and whether you like your salt spray or a heat protector, there is every kind of styling product I can think of within the collection.

First up, the two products that I have used a lot since they arrived.  The Instant Detangling Spray and the Heat Protection Spray.
Shrub Hair Care Launches into Boots
The Shrub Heat Protection Spray is a plant-derived mist which harnesses the power of lunaria oil from the honesty plant as well as nettle, elderflower and willow extract. It's job is to not only leave your hair feeling soft, shiny but to also protect it from heat damage, which as we know can lead to brittle strands, faded colour, and poor hair condition.  What I really like about this Protection Spray is that it is a mist, it doesn't soak the hair wet through, it doesn't have a chemical scent to it and I do feel my hair is protected when I use it.

The Instant Detangling Spray, which again uses the powers of lunaria oil, nettle, elderflower and will extract. The mist works its way through the hair to loosen knots and tangles. My hair can get incredibly knotty and I am a huge fan of detangling sprays.  With Shrub, this spray not only detangled my hair, it did so without me having to effectively drag a brush through my hair, having sprayed onto my hair and left it to work for a few seconds, the knots loosened enough for me to run my fingers through the knots and detangle my hair effortlessly.

The Curl Defining Cream is suitable for those of us who have curly or wavy hair.  I have naturally wavy hair which drives me to distraction, so I often either straighten it or ignore it and leave it natural.  The super silky cream, which is really lightweight, helps to manage your natural curls, whilst at the same time nourish the hair cuticle.  What I have found when I have used this on a few occasions is it does help to define the waves within my hair.
Shrub Hair Care Launches into Boots
The Botanical Wonder Oil is without question my favourite product within the bundle and definitely the one I would happily repurchase before it runs out. Its job is to not only nourishing and hydrating but to also help reduce dandruff, whilst thickening strands and supporting growth. Whilst I don't have dandruff, I do suffer from a dry scalp which flares up when I am feeling run down or stressed, all the tell tale signs for me come from my scalp and having oily roots also doesn't help. Again, as with the other products within this range, Shrub harness the power of the lunaria oil from the honesty plant, nettle, elderflower, and willow extract. It is lightweight, doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy and it helps to add a natural shine.

Continuing with protecting the hair, we have the Prepare & Protect Hair Primer. This spray can be used on both wet and dry hair to help protect your strands from environmental aggressors.   Infused with the essential oils of bergamot and sweet orange, it is hard not to love the scent of this spray, it definitely is one which lingers on your hair once used.
Shrub Hair Care Launches into Boots
For hot summer days, I love to use a spray like the Sea Salt Texturising Spray. I first used a Sea Salt Spray around 10 years ago when they had become fairly new to the market and very little was known about them. Designed to boost hair volume and add an effortless beachy feel, if the curl defining cream isn't a product you like, then this does work just as well!

The one product neither the Hubby or I have used from this collection is the Texturising Clay Putty.
Shrub Hair Care Launches into Boots
Described as being a mattifying, strong-hold hair styling cream which melts into the strands of your hair to give you a hold that lasts. Perfect for creating a subtle texture or a matte, grungy vibe, plus this putty also protects the hair from the damaging effects of pollution.

Shrub Hair Care is available in Boots* and Beauty Bay with prices starting as low as £7 rising upwards to £15.  A great range for anyone who is wanting to move their hair care to a brand who is not only vegan, but is also free from synthetic fragrance and silicones, free from liquid and micro plastics and is sustainably sourced.

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  1. I absolutely love Hair Oils, and this one sounds amazing!

  2. I cant wait to try this range out, love the packaging x

  3. I love the sound of the detangling spray because my hair is very knotty! x



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