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How To Prevent Acne If You Wear Glasses

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Getting a fresh new pair of glasses feels amazing. Your glasses can add more style to any outfit. Another thing glasses can add to your face is acne. If you have just purchased eyeglasses from or your local eyeglass store and notice small acne bumps on your face, they could be caused by your new pair.

Finding acne on the bridge of your nose, around your cheeks where the eyeglass rims sit and around the ears are all common places acne can show up. This is such a pain. If you are looking for ways to prevent this annoying outbreak from happening, check out these tips every new glasses owner should know, but first, you need to understand how this happens.

Acne Mechanica

This term referred to a form of acne that develops when something pushes down on the skin, preventing the normal shedding of skin cells. When those cells skip the shedding process, they stick on your skin, clogging up your pores. This leads to acne. When you have oily skin or you try to cover your acne with heavy makeup, that only makes the problem worse.

Acne Mechanica is not just found in those who wear glasses. It can also be found among people who are athletic and play sports. Some of the clothes they wear while playing these sports can easily keep in sweat and heat. This makes your skin even more vulnerable to acne-causing pressure from athletic clothing or equipment.

Now that you have a better idea of how glasses can cause some of your acne, here are some ways that you can either avoid or deal with it.

Adjust Your Glasses

Are you constantly pushing your glasses up your nose all throughout the day no matter what task you are doing? You should strongly consider having them tightened. Maybe you are finding acne near your cheeks where your lenses touch your face. Either way, having your glasses adjusted will clear up all of these issues. Get your glasses adjusted first before you start considering switching up your nighttime skincare routine.

Keep Your Glasses Clean

Make sure that you are wiping down your glasses frequently. The best method is to use a basic alcohol wipe and rub it over every part that touches your face. This can be the nose pads, the bottom of your frames that touch your face and even the sides of the frames that touch your temples. Doing this will ensure that you are not carrying any bacteria back and forth from your glasses to your face.

Use A Great Face Wash

Investing in an excellent facial cleanser is a great way to tame your acne caused by your glasses, and any other kind of acne for that matter. It does not have to be expensive either. You can pick up an excellent facial cleanser at your local pharmacy or drugstore. These over-the-counter washes provide many benefits. Some are even packed with salicylic acid, which is crucial to fighting blemishes all over the face. If you want to steadily treat mild acne that you notice popping up on your cheeks and the bridge of your nose, use this tip.

Implement A Great Spot Treatment

It is understandable that pimples pop up out of nowhere. When you find yourself in a tough situation, having an over-the-counter spot treatment is always a lifesaver. This is especially a good idea if you notice your acne bumps are only located in one area of your face like the bridge of your nose or around your cheeks.

Since every problem area is located in close proximity to each other, it may be overkill to treat the entire face for something only parts of the face are experiencing. This is why having a spot treatment is useful because you can treat areas with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide without dousing your face in these chemicals. If you are really trying to go the extra mile, you can wear an acne patch while you sleep at night. You could also get a prescription for topical antibiotics and medications you can swallow in pill form that can improve your skin.

Put Your Glasses Down Sometimes

Even though you need your glasses to see everything around you, you do not have to keep them on all the time. Taking breaks throughout the day in which you take your glasses off, or put them down, will not hurt anyone. In fact, doing so can help. If you take breaks from wearing your glasses throughout the day, you reduce your chances of developing acne in those problem areas we have previously mentioned. Taking glasses breaks during the day are crucial when it comes to your overall comfort and skin health.

Take Off All Makeup Before Cleansing

Most people do not take this step seriously, but that could be the main culprit behind your acne. The next time you feel like rolling into bed late at night without washing your face, seriously reconsider as you are not giving your body the tender love and care it needs. If you were makeup, even if it is just lip gloss and mascara, make sure that you are removing the makeup before you cleanse your skin, especially if you wear glasses on a daily basis.

When you wear makeup and glasses, that creates a recipe for an acne disaster. Makeup can build under your glasses. Believe it or not, this may contribute to the acne issue you are having. Make sure that you are using makeup remover or micellar water, not the makeup wipes as those can be horrible for your skin.

Salicylic Acid Concealers Are Your Best Friend

Treating acne is one thing, but what do you do when it is trying to heal. This is where your salicylic acid concealer comes into play. This type of consider is going to keep treating your acne while also covering up the bumps.

Check With Your Dermatologist

Sometimes pinpointing exactly what is causing your acne can take time and a lot of observation. If you are unsure about your acne or you think it may be more serious than a bad case of acne, consult your dermatologist. After all, you could have rightly diagnosed yourself, but wrongly treated your acne. Speaking with a licensed dermatologist will help you target the source of your issues, that way you do not have to worry about it again in your lifetime.

Sometimes they are able to prescribe you something that is strong enough to treat your ance but not so strong that it rips your face in two. If you notice that none of your acne is going away, even after seeing a dermatologist and following their suggestions, keep in mind that you may be experiencing something different. During this time you should really consult your dermatologist.

These tips if followed will decrease your chances of waking up with acne spots all over your face after a long day of wearing glasses the night before. New glasses are awesome, but new acne spots are not. Keeping your frames clean, adjusting your glasses, using a great face wash and remembering to put your glasses down from time to time can prevent you from developing acne from your eyewear.

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