Tuesday, 1 September 2020

The OPI Muse of Milan Collection (+ swatches)

Whenever OPI launches a new collection, you can guarantee it will be very special and this one is perhaps my favourite so far. I loved the Hello Kitty Collection and The Tokoyo Collection, but this one is special. The Muse of Milan Collection* takes you on a journey of celebration of culture, resilience and spirit that Milan has to offer.
The OPI Muse of Milan Collection (+ swatches)
Featuring 12 colours in three different formulas, the shade include variations of vintage-inspired hues of warm taupe, burnt orange, terracotta and dark teal to give your nails that retro feel, whilst classic denim blues have been reinvented with shades ranging from icy blue to peacock blue. You will also find grey and shiny steel shades come together to inspire gunmetal hues and then floral tones which are dusky and rich complete the set.

These shades launched on 1st August are currently on offer with OPI Nails, for me what they do is get you ready for Autumn and there isn't a single shade I dislike. From the moment they arrived, I couldn't wait to give them a try and I have since then, tried every single shade.
The OPI Muse of Milan Collection (+ swatches)
The OPI Muse of Milan Collection (+ swatches)
From left to right we have the following shades:
  • Have your Panettone and eat it – Burnt Orange
  • Suzi talks with her hands – Steely grey
  • Duomo Days Isola Nights – Sapphire blue
  • OPI nails the runway – Granite grey
Each one of these shades has two coats onto the nail wheel, though you can just have one coat if you prefer. Opi Nails The Runway is a perfect shade for an accent nail and I love Duomo Days and Have your Panettone together, they compliment each other so well.
The OPI Muse of Milan Collection (+ swatches)
The OPI Muse of Milan Collection (+ swatches)
From left to right with these shades we have:
  • Complimentary Wine – Deep berry
  • This color hits all the high notes – Pearly blue
  • My Italian is a little Rusty – Rich chestnut
  • Galleria Vittoria Violet – Violet amethyst
This collection really does show off the amazing array of colours that the Muse of Milan has to offer and Complimentary Wine definitely screams Autumn to me.
The final shades within this collection from left to right are:
  • Fall-ing For Milan – Bronzed nude
  • Leonardo’s model colour – Dimensional purple
  • Drama at La Scala – Teal
  • Addio Bad Nails – Smoky lavender
I absolutely love Drama at la Scala and from all of the shades I have tried from this collection, it is the one which has lasted the longest on my nails. It also applies like an absolute dream.

This is without question an incredible collection and one I have loved trying. I would love to know if any of these shades jump out at you?

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You can shop the collection here and they are currently on offer for just over £11.

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  1. What a gorgeous collection with such beautiful shades! That burnt orange shade is one of my favourites!

  2. These colours are just gorgeous for Autumn, they would brighten up any look for work or casual.

  3. This screams Autumn! I'm loving using these polishes. Also ADORE the silk scarf! x


  4. I love the orange and lavender and chestnut shades!


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