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OPI Tokyo Nail Polish Collection Review and Swatches

My nail polish collection has really been slimmed down, I sat down and spent hours shaking bottles, swatching and binning anything that would be of no use anymore. When the OPI Tokyo Nail Polish Collection launched, I was delighted to see such an impressive array of shades, many that are perfect for the Spring and Summer months and others that would be perfect all year round.
OPI Tokyo Nail Polish Collection
OPI Tokyo Nail Polish Collection Review

Tokyo is a city at the forefront of fashion, beauty and nail art. It is said that Tokyo's unique balance of rich tradition and nature inspired a variety of nail colours that evoke the eclectic fashion, vibrant nightlife and world-renowned cuisine. The OPI Collection consists of 12 incredibly beautiful shades in their original Nail Lacquer formula and is priced at £13.50 each or £14.50 if you prefer the Infinite Shine Formula.

At the beginning of 2019, I reviewed the OPI Nutcracker collection and what I really love about these polishes is just how easy the brush is to use. One swipe across the nails gives such good coverage.
Opi Nail Polishes - Tokyo Collection

OPI Tokyo Nail Polish Swatches
OPI Tokyo Nail Polish Collection Swatches
1) Kanpai OPI – Periwinkle Blue and Grey team up to make your day in this nail polish. Cheers!   I wasn't too sure about this shade to begin with but it has really grown on me.  Not quote pastel blue but not quite grey either, it meets somewhere in the middle to create a beautiful shade which sits perfectly between the two.  It does dry slightly darker than the shade shows in the bottle and I personally feel it needs two coats to give that perfect streak free finish.

2) Tempura-ture is Rising! – Get out of the heat and into a salon to experience this cool new orange nail polish! I loved this shade as soon as a saw it and it is just stunning.  A real bold orange which isn't quite on that neon spectrum but it is definitely one you will not miss whether it is worn on the finger or toenails. On my nail wheels, I did two coats and it applies like a dream 

3) How Does Your Zen Garden Grow? – Now and then you gotta go Zen with this luscious lime green nail polish. I liked this shade a lot more than I expected too and I think it is a lovely shade for the Spring.  With a white base, it isn't too dark a lime green and it does need at least three generous coats because it is one of the streakier shades within the collection.

4) All Your Dreams in Vending Machines – An electric pink nail polish that delivers instant glamification. If you like a polish which is not quite what it seems, then this is one to tick that box. It has a lilac shift which becomes more evident with more coats you decide to use, I opted for two because I found the formula to be much thicker than a few of the other shades. I do love the shimmer finish of this shade.

5) Arigato from Tokyo – ありがと THANK YOU from the bottom of our OPI hearts for loving this pink nail polish. This is very much a pinky lilac creme, and it’s perfect for spring.  It needs a minimum of one coat but two really makes the colour stand out.

6) Rice Rice Baby – Be a Nice Nice Baby and experience this mauve-lous shade of nail polish. Rice Rice Baby is more of muted, pastel version of Arigato From Tokyo rather than the shade I hoped it would be, but it is one which is definitely wearable and I found I only needed to apply just the one coat.

7) Chopstix and Stones – …may break my bones but this deep blue nail polish shade will never hurt me! This is my favourite shade from the whole collection and it is the one I have worn the most. It is best described as being an intense navy blue but with brighter blue shimmer which has a little sparkle to it. The darkest of all the shades within the collection and it needs just two coats to bring out the very best of the shade.

8) I’m On a Sushi Roll – Your manicure is hungry for this green nail polish colour. This is a light teal creme shade and it has possibly the thickest formula of all the shades, so I found I only needed just the one coat to get really good coverage, but two would be as good.  What I like about this shade is that it is one I hadn't expected to like at all, but I love it.

9) Suzi-San Climbs Fuji-San – Mt. Fuji is calling, so fill your backpack with this new essential emerald nail polish. This shade sits between the teals and greens and to me it is neither one or the another and I really like the shade.  I found I needed three coats of this one to ensure there was no streak in sight.

10) Samurai Breaks a Nail – OPI to the rescue! If purple is your colour of choice, then this is the one you will love from the collection.  It has a slight blue iridescent shift which looks amazing when it catches the light and whilst it is one of the formulas on the thinner side, I found I did need at three to get even coverage.

11) Hurry-Juku Get This Color! – Better be berry quick! This nail polish shade promises to be berry hot. Enjoy a kiss of dusty rose nail polish with your favourite bowl and beau. This is a beautiful bright fuchsia creme shade and I was surprised I only need to apply one coat when I had been expecting to add more. 

12) Another Ramen-Tic Evening – Enjoy a kiss of dusty rose nail polish with your favourite bowl and beau. One of my favourite named polishes from the collection, it is a really pretty cool toned pastel pink shade. It does need at least two coats for good coverage and to get the most form the colour, but it is just beautiful and delicate and perfect for that almost nude but with a bit of colour coverage on the nails.  Of all the shades within the collection, I found this to be one of the longest lasting on my nails.

It is fair to say that I adore this collection, it is just stunning. I love that there is a shade for everyone despite your usual 'go to' shade, which for me would usually be a berry red and here I am just as happy with Another Ramen-Tic Evening as I am with Chopstix and Stones.  I think the name of the polishes is superb and so in keeping with the collection and I also feel they match their shades perfectly.

I would love to know if any of the shades from the OPI Tokyo Collection is your favourite?

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  1. I love the formula of OPI polishes! Numbers 4, 5 and 12 are my faves! xx


  2. I love the range of colours - they will really make summer go with a zing. I do like number 10.

  3. I am obsessed with OPI nail polish! This would be all the yay for me!

  4. Oh my they are STUNNING shades! So so pretty! I love OPI formula too!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. OPI are such good quality and these shades are stunning! x

  6. I am so obsessed with this collection. The polishes are beautiful and the formulas are amazing too xx

    Gemma • GemmaEtc.com ❤️


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