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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Firming & Hydrating Collection

Launching on QVC at 9pm on August 15th, Alpha-H have a very special collection launching as a TSV (today’s special value) to celebrate their 15th anniversary of being in the UK and it is one you don't want to miss, whether you are a fan of Alpha-H or are yet to discover them.
Alpha-H trio collection as part of a QVC TSV to celebration 15 years of being on sale in the UK
Alpha-H, if you are not aware of them, are a brand which has a great story to tell, one from the personal perspective of Michelle Doherty, the incredible lady who evolved this brand into what has become quite the phenomenon. Sadly, Michelle passed away a few weeks ago, so this celebration feels all the more poignant right now.

To celebrate the brand's 15th Anniversary in the UK, Alpha-H has partnered with QVC to offer a very unique limited-edition collection which features three of the brands most iconic and innovative formulations and dare I suggest, products too! 
Alpha-H Liquid Gold Firming & Hydrating Collection as part of a QVC TSV to celebration 15 years of being on sale in the UK
The Liquid Gold Firming & Hydration Collection for me, is very much about showing the best Alpha-H has along with how it has evolved and changed over time. 

The Three Products:

Alpha-H Liquid Gold - If ever a brand had a cult product, it is this one for Alpha-H, where it all began, got noticed, took off, became a bit famous and is possibly the one product everyone will think of.  I have featured Liquid Gold in its many forms on my blog quite a few times now.

Described as being a powerful nighttime resurfacing treatment, Liquid Gold works to tighten and revitalise tired, ageing skin as well as helping to radically improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, open pores and acne-prone skin conditions. It is packed full of amazing ingredients such as Liquorice which helps combat acne and hyper-pigmentation and Glycolic Acid (derived from sugar cane) to jump-start the skin's metabolism - refining its texture by dissolving the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, so they're sloughed away.

Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream - Aside from Liquid Gold and the Perfecting Skin Moisturiser which I adore, this Eye Cream ticks a lot of boxes too. Said to be the ultimate topical dermal corrector for the eye area with quadruple peptide technology. 

It uses a complex of seven skin brighteners, illuminating Diamond Powder and Lime Pearl Extract which is a new natural source of gentle fruit acids derived from Caviar Lime found in the rainforests on the Australian East Coast. Abundant in citric acid and bioflavonoids, Lime Pearl accelerates cell turnover to soften and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is a delight to use with its metallic applicator, even better if it has been in the fridge!

The final item within this trio is the Essential Hydration CreamThis cream is described as being one which soothes, repairs and revitalises lacklustre complexions and it is suitable for even delicate skin types.

Lightweight in texture, this cream suspends sea minerals, fatty acids and youth-restoring peptides in the finest essential oils and its key ingredients include things like Evening Primrose Oil and Linoleic Acid which nourish and improve the skin's elasticity, Rose Geranium Oil which helps to stimulate healing and balance sebum production and then antioxidant Vitamin E which hydrates and repairs cell damage from environmental aggression's.  Designed to be applied liberally every morning and evening after cleansing, it is incredibly lightweight on the skin and it smells as heavenly as it feels when applied!

Together this trio make quite the team, a reminder of just how amazing Michelle was and whose legacy will continue to wow audiences, a great introduction to the brand if you are yet to board the Alphaholic bandwagon (affectionate term given to Alpha-H fans) and a great way to stock up if you need more Alpha-H in your stash!

A reminder that it launches at 9pm on QVC with Tom Ogden on August 15th (so right about no) until August 16th - so if you want it, snap it up quick! As ever it will be an amazing price!

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