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Tropic Skincare's ALL NEW Sun Protection Range

I am a huge fan of Tropic Skincare and have featured them regularly on my blog for some time and today I am sharing the newly launched suncare collection, which given the weather we have just had and are continuing to enjoy, is amazing timing.
Tropic Skincare's ALL NEW Sun Protection Range
Tropic Skincare's ALL NEW Sun Protection Range
The collection from Tropic is described as being 'Reef-safe' and it offers defence against UVA and UVB rays in formulas which are both silky and hydrating plus, they also protect against daily pollution and blue light damage.
Introducing a groundbreaking range of broad-spectrum, water-resistant sun protection, formulated using certified reef-safe ingredients. Caring for our planet is more important than ever, and we feel modern sun care should not only protect our skin, but also our oceans. 
What I love is that these are the first products in Europe to wear the Protect Land + Sea seal of approval. and it is worth mentioning that proceeds from each purchase will also go towards funding education with Tropic's charity partnership with United World Schools.

Choosing your sunscreen can be quite a difficult choice, for me one of the factors is how it makes my skin feel. I cannot stand creams or lotions which are thick and gloopy and feel as though they are just sitting on the skin's surface. With these products from Tropic, you get incredibly lightweight formulas, so lightweight you don't even know you are wearing them, they're not sticky, there is no white residue, they don't make your skin feel greasy and I have found them to be quite hydrating too. 

The Tropic sun protection range:

Sun Stick  - This is my favourite product of the range and one I always have in my pocket or in my bag when I go for my daily walk. 
Tropic Skincare's ALL NEW Sun Protection Range
The Sun stick is a bit of a multitasking product and it has been designed to be applied frequently to areas that are especially prone to sun exposure, such as the face and shoulders, though it can also be used on the lips, forehead, tops of the ears, elbows and any other area that you might have forgotten about. It offers an SPF50 and is enriched with some nourishing ingredients which include Vitamin E, Marshmallow Root Extract, Tamanu Oil and Green Algae Extract. Priced at £20 17g.
Great Barrier Sun Lotion - This lotion has the options of being available as an SPF15, 30 or 50 and is not only water-resistant but also sweat-resistant too. As with the rest of this collection, this mineral sun protection uses reef-safe chemical filters and it has an incredibly silky yet hydrating formula which is enriched with coconut extract, green algae, vitamin E all of which work to shield skin from UV rays and free radical damage as well as to soothe skin exposed to high temperatures helping to repair and rejuvenate skin. 
Tropic Skincare's ALL NEW Sun Protection Range
For me, the scent of coconut really makes this a delight to use, it is almost like pretending you are laid by the pool with a mojito in hand! Priced at £28 200ml or £18 100ml.

Sun Day Facial UV Defence  - I never ever leave the house without SPF and I even wear it in the house too, yes really! Sun Day Facial UV Defence is possibly the most lightweight facial cream I have ever tried on my skin.
Tropic Skincare's ALL NEW Sun Protection Range
As well as being lightweight, it is also transparent and can also be used as a primer, so quite the multi-tasker of a product and being honest, I am happy to use it as it is, without makeup.  It is enriched with Hyaluronic acid which boosts the skins moisture levels, then there is banana flower and hibiscus extracts which together offer unbelievable pollution protection and anti-inflammatory benefits and then Plant Polymers, which are also worth a mention because they work together with prebiotics to prime the skin for flawless makeup application. Available in two sizes it costs £24 for 40ml or £10 for 15ml.

Skin Shade Sun Cream - This is much more of a sun cream than a lotion as the formula is that little bit thicker, though not so thick it doesn't sink in. Despite the formula being that bit heavier, it isn't greasy or tacky on the skin and again no white residue in sight once applied.
Tropic Skincare's ALL NEW Sun Protection Range
it is available in SPF 15, 30 and 50 and is described as being packed full of nourishing oils and antioxidant-rich extracts for all-round protection. So ingredients you will find include Kahai and Rocou oils which are rich in omega fatty acids to keep skin super-soft and nourished, Kakadu and Illawarra Plum extracts to soothe and calm and Cassava and Rapeseed Resin which is said to be naturally derived resins which offer highly effective water resistance. Priced at £28 200ml or £18 100ml.

Skin Shade Tinted Facial Sun Cream- This is a product I have used and enjoyed a whole lot more than I was expecting too if I am honest. I find 'tinted' products really hit and miss usually, but I gave it a try and was surprised. During these hot weather days, there is not a chance I am wearing makeup, other than possibly mascara, but that is a commitment. What I do prefer is something light, subtle and if there is a bit of coverage then I am happy. This ticks a lot of boxes - it offers sheer, dewy coverage and is not only water-resistant but is also SPF50. Add to that, it's packed full of antioxidant-rich, protective ingredients such as Golden Jojoba Oil, Wild Hibiscus Flower, Passion Flower Oil which all work together to shield your skin from free radicals and UV rays.
Tropic Skincare's ALL NEW Sun Protection Range
It's available in either light/medium which is the shade I have, or medium/dark. When applied, you do need to blend it a lot more than your mineral sunscreen to get the perfect base, but I have found it really easy to do. Priced at £24 for 40ml.

The final product within this collection is one everyone should be keeping in their fridge and that is the Sun Soothe Cooling Aftersun LotionI have the same issue with a suncream, I want to use something that isn't overly thick.
Tropic Skincare's ALL NEW Sun Protection Range
As with the rest of the collection, the Aftersun Lotion is reef-friendly and it is 100% natural. Using Aloe Vera Juice, Bisabolol and Golden Jojoba Oil which together cool and soothe the skin as well as calming the symptoms of sunburn.

What I do like about this Aftersun Lotion, is how it feels on the skin. Silky smooth and definitely cooling when applied after a day in the sun. Priced at £22 for 200ml and £12 for 100ml.

The Tropic Suncare Collection is available to purchase now via Tropic Skincare

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  1. Last year was the first time that I got a sun stick and I found it incredibly handy! I love that this range is reef safe x


  2. I really want to try Tropic, heard some good things x


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