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Alpha-H Vitamin Skin Serums

Bespoke skincare shouldn't be as difficult as it sounds and the team over at Alpha-H have created an entire range of products to make finding your perfect skincare a dream. With an updated packaging for their Vitamin wardrobe, the new colour-coded design makes them much easier to identify. If, like me, you love Liquid Gold, use a cleanser and a daily SPF, the option to amplify and personalise my skincare routine with a daily dose of Vitamin is a step I am willing to take - more so when they look this pretty!
Alpha-H Vitamin Skin Serums
Alpha-H has four vitamins within their collection - A, B, C and E and they are described as being more than single-ingredient serums but are instead one that has been paired with complementary ingredients which enhance their effect and boost your overall results.

As well as looking pretty in their pastel colour-coded boxes and bottles, each Vitamin serum used a pipette dropper system to dispense and you only need 3-4 drops of your chosen serum, which should be applied to clean, dry skin and then using circular motions, massage over the face, neck and decolletage.  So here are the Vitamins.
Alpha-H Vitamin Skin Serums
Working from left to right we have Vitamin A, B, C and then E and as you can see, they look just absolutely stunning.

Starting with Vitamin A which is for Authentic Ageing and lives in the pastel green bottle - This Vitamin is suitable for skin that is showing signs of ageing. Vitamin A Serum has been formulated with 0.5% Retinolin a really hydrating formula.  Retinol can assist to fight the first signs of ageing such as fine line, wrinkles, uneven tone and loss of firmness.  Alongside the Retinol, you will find Evening Primrose, Macadamia Seed Oil and Squalane. What I love about this product is that it is one for night time and it is great for using on those alternative evenings to Liquid Gold, if like me, you are a huge fan of that cult hero. Priced at £39 for 25ml.

Next, we have Vitamin B which is for Building Moisture and it is has the pastel blue bottle. This is the one I wanted to use right away, designed for skin that is showing signs of dehydration, so using a formula which incorporates Niacinamide and Copper Tripeptides. My skin absolutely loves Niacinamide and its job is to regulate sebaceous glands as well as to enhance the skin's barrier function and if that isn't enough if also works to reduce the signs of uneven skin texture and tone. The Copper Tripeptides work to firm and smooth the complexion making it the perfect partner to the Niacinamide. We also see the inclusion of Panthenol, Hyaluronic Acid and Chia Seeds which work together to assist with plumping and hydrating the skin.  This Vitamin B can be used in the morning or as with Vitamin A, an alternative to Liquid Gold in an evening. Priced at £39 for 25ml.

The pastel orange coloured bottle contains Vitamin C and it is for Collagen and Clarity.  Said to be suitable for skin that has dullness and pigmentation, this serum has been formulated using a stable form of Vitamin C in a lightweight and hydrating formula. The Vitamin C works to brighten, rejuvenate and protect the skin, so it helps to fight back against free radicals and reduces the appearance of sun damage and premature ageing. The additions within this serum are Licorice and Grape Seed Extracts which are designed to further help protect the skin. Used daily, Vitamin C serum can work in synergy with your SPF to defend your skin from the damaging and visible effects of UV exposure.  Priced at £39 for 25ml.

Finally, we have Vitamin E, which is found in the pastel pink bottle and is referred to as 'Emergency Repair'. Suitable for most skin types, Vitamin E serum has been formulated to not only nurture and protect but to also hydrate the skin. This antioxidant-rich serum also contains Macadamia Seed and Evening Primrose Oil which work to enhance the skin's natural barrier. The use of Vitamin E is important because not only has it been shown to aid in the reparative process, improving the appearance of acne scarring, sunburn and rosacea. As with the other products within this collection, Vitamin E can be used in the mornings or on those alternative evenings to Liquid Gold.

What I love about these Vitamin Serums is that they so easily fit into your routine and if you are still unsure as to which one you need, then Alpha-H has a quiz which helps you choose.  As things stand, I have been using Vitamin B in the morning and then on those alternative evenings to Liquid Gold, as advised I am using Vitamin A, though I can swap the A over for E if my skin is feeling a little dry.

You can purchase these Alpha-H Serums via Cult Beauty where they will be available separately or directly from Alpha-H who are offering all four serums (15ml sized) in one kit or £55.

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  1. I love the new packaging!! I recently finished their Vitamin B, which will be a definite repurchase and I love their hyaluronic acid too. Working my way through Vitamin E now! X

  2. The colours go together so well! I feel like I have to buy them all just because they line up so well together

  3. Definitely going to hop over and take that quiz! I love the packaging and these products definitely sound worth a try!

  4. I so love these! They look incredible and I LOVE the packaging!


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