Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Cosrx low pH GOod Morning Gel Cleanser

New to my skincare collection is COSRX who is described as being a Multi-award-winning brand made famous by beauty and cosmetic experts worldwide. For over a decade MR RX studied peoples skin types and their needs in the beauty industry and it is his experience that he believed cosmetics should look for meanings more than just beauty. So, collecting what customers need and want regarding their skin types and concerns finally establishing Cosmetics + RX = COSRX was founded.
Cosrx low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser
COSRX as a brand is built on 3 concepts:
  • Simplicity – using only key ingredients, avoiding any redundancies, will not only reduce the chance of skin irritation but also provide a simple solution.
  • High performance – active ingredients to maximum concentration to maximise the effect.
  • Cost effectiveness – sufficient volume and plentiful solution at a reasonable price.
For many of us, understanding the basics of skincare and its suitability for your skin can be an absolute minefield, too many 'experts' claim to know what will and won't work for you along with an never-ending list of products you need in your routine, for some, has lead to more confusion and over-use. So sometimes, it is a good idea to go back to basics and find out what works on your skin for yourself.

I have been using the Cosrx Low pH Gel Cleanser and it is described as being a daily face wash that is gentle enough for sensitive skin types.  I use this as a morning cleanser, usually, after I have showered, I still can't be one of those people who washes their face in the shower, weird yes.
Cosrx low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser
Cosrx low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser
Featuring a mildly acidic pH, the cleansing formula is similar to skin’s natural pH level, so once you have finished using it, it doesn't leave your skin feeling stripped of all moisture and taut.  Designed to remove dirt and grime that has been produced by your skin as you sleep, this Cleansing Gel uses Tea Tree Oil, an ingredient you most definitely do notice, to also help remove excess sebum, making it ideal for those, like me, who have combination oily skin.  Using it in a morning, that Tea Tree scent most definitely gives you a wake-up call, as it cleans the skin and I am quite the fan of the fragrance and I love how clean it leaves my skin feeling.  There is also the inclusion of Betaine Salicylate which is essentially a natural chemical exfoliant that helps to keep your pores clean and free from dead skin cells and also Saccharomyces Ferment, a fermented yeast which I am told is responsible for the bright, hydrated glow we all yearn to have.

The formula of this cleanser is Gel, it isn't a foaming gel, it does, however, lather really nicely and because it is a fairly thick consistency, you need only a small pea-sized amount to clean the entirety of your face.  I have been using this for weeks every single day as my morning cleanser and I have not had a single reaction or break-out after using, though thankfully I don't ever suffer from break-outs. What I love is that clean feeling after using and given it is priced at around £14 it is worth every penny.

You can find this Corsrx low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser and the rest of the Cosrx range via Feelunique*.

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  1. I have not tried this but it sounds good.

  2. I prefer face washes that are designed for sensitive skin - this looks great - will check it out!

  3. I can't wash my face in the shower either! I've never tried anything from this brand for some reason! x


  4. One of my favourite cleansers, my skin feels so fresh after! x


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