Thursday, 5 March 2020

bubu Skincare

I love a good mask - hair mask, face mask, body mask, hand mask, foot mask or even lip mask and new to my collection came bubu.
bubu Skincare
Bubu which stands for “be u, be unique” with the love heart above the U is the brand symbol of self-love. 
bubu is a lifestyle statement, about self-love and confidence. bubu was born with the purpose of promoting there is nothing better than just being yourself and loving the skin you are in. In a fast paced world of pressure, or perceived pressure on how we should look, bubu is about being or trying to be nothing other than yourself.

With five masks in the collection, I have been kindly sent three of them to share with you, two of which are face masks and one is a lip mask.

#SoakingMeWet Hydrating Sheet Mask
The name did make me cackle is described as being a glittering infusion of natural antioxidants and vitamins, combined with Hyaluronic Acid which is renowned for its plumping and moisture-retaining qualities and Liquorice Root which helps reduce inflammation and pigmentation, it is said to be a great way to deliver a powerful shot of hydration with environmentally friendly sparkle.
bubu Skincare
On the skin, despite the name, this mask is not soaking wet when applied to the skin, it actually feels incredibly cooling. Using what bubu refer too as their 'unique sparkling hydrogel base' which has been created using a globally patented, thermo-sensitive water-soluble hydrogel. This solid gel reacts to skin/body temperature to release key actives encapsulated within the structure to maximise penetration.

To use, you need to remove the mask and then because it is in two parts, it makes it much easier to apply than some sheets masks, but once on the skin, it should be left to work its magic for up to 15 minutes.

#feelingdirty Pollution Busting Sheet Mask
Living in London I am all too aware of pollution and the effect it has on my skin and as much as I do to take extra care and precaution of my skin, you can always do more.  This sheet mask from bubu uses what is called an Advanced Biotech Complex which it claims helps to protect against environmental toxins from city environments as well as Sage leaf extract which contains high levels of antioxidants to help combat free radicals.
As with the mask above, this one is also made using the bubu unique sparkling hydrogel base and again to use, this mask comes in two sections for the top half and lower half of your face. Once applied, the last should be left on your skin for up to 15 minutes before being removed.

#YouPucker Lip Plumping Mask

I am a huge fan of ensuring your lips are as looked after as your hair, scalp and the rest of your body. You lips are responsible for a whole lot of activities and no one really wants to be looking at dry flaking skin as they come in for a kiss! Using two main ingredients of Botox, which at first worried me, but I am assured it is a cosmetic grade approved ingredient which is currently unique to bubu; safe to apply topically – even during pregnancy; tingles slightly on application and it then works alongside Hyaluronic acid which nourishes and hydrates the lip area; particularly effective on dry skin.
bubu Skincare
bubu Skincare
This mask tingles very slightly on the application and unlike the other two masks above, this one is a solid mask which is shaped like a pair of lips. Once applied, which is incredibly easy to do, the mask needs to be left on your lips for around 15 minutes and once it is on your lips you can't move too much because it will become dislodged, so if you need an excuse to lay down and not do a lot... mask up!

These masks retail for around £7 each for the face masks and £5 for the lip mask and they can all be found here along with the rest of the collection.

bubu Skincare

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  1. I really like the sound if the lip mask. I’m not crazy abouy sheet masks in general, but they are handy for travelling! X

  2. I really don't like sheet masks anymore - really dont enjoy the feeling of them

  3. I adore these masks, the hydrating one is my fav! x


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