Wednesday 19 February 2020

Top tips for combatting sluggish and sallow winter skin with Emma Hardie Skincare

During the cold and dark winter months, our skin can often appear dull and flat and can definitely be in need of a bit of a radiance boost! Jane Foulston, from Emma Hardie Skincare, shares her top tips for combatting sluggish and sallow winter skin and all you need to use are 4 products.

Top tips for combatting sluggish and sallow winter skin with Emma Hardie Skincare
When your skin starts to look sluggish and your complexion sallow, Emma Hardie Skincare has a few products which you can add into your routine to help it look healthier and reinvigorated. 

The first piece of advice is to look for products that contain brightening ingredients, such as Vitamin C, and then add them into your routine where you can.  Starting with the Emma Hardie Moisture Boost Vit + C Cream (£49), something I was introduced too just before Christmas as part of the Brightening Collection. This cream contains a pure blend of Vitamin B3 and time-released Vitamin C to reduce pigmentation and increase healthy collagen production, leaving skin looking brighter and clearer. It also contains Red Algae Extract which has a luminating effect to give you a gorgeous glow and it also aids in reversing the effects of UV damage and they work alongside Pumpkin Enzymes, Shea Butter and Grapeseed Oil all encourage increased cellular renewal and regeneration.

Evening skincare is my favourite and I enjoy the double cleanse part of my routine the most, something I honestly thought I would never say.  In the evening you can up the ante with a more supercharged product such as the Vit C Intense Daily Serum (£54). It is said that stable Vitamin C will release slowly overnight to help reduce pigmentation caused by UV damage, brighten the skin, and create a more evenly toned and refined complexion. You can then also use the Emma Hardie Brilliance Facial Oil (£39) again, a product I started to use before Christmas. I absolutely love having an oil within my routine, especially in the winter when I feel my skin needs a lot more help with moisture.  This oil is described as being a multi-active, lightweight and nourishing facial oil complex which is infused with nine essential oils including - Palma Rose, Orange, Mint, Vanilla, Geranium, Camomile, Lemon, Rose and Lavender. Coming together, these oils work to re-balance and replenish precious moisture while balancing sebum production. Also included within the oil is Omega 3 which helps to restructure the skin and promote elasticity and finally we have Camelina 'Gold of Pleasure' oil which is known for its powerful antioxidant properties to protect the skin from environmental damage.

The final product of the four is one of my favourites and it is the Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask (£49) which I fully reviewed on my blog some time ago.  A divine treat for the skin, this mask should be used at least once a week. With ingredients such as Resistem™ and Red Algae Extract to visibly improve the evenness of complexion and stimulate cell regeneration to restore skin’s natural glow. Moisturising and conditioning Hyaluronic Acid and Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil leave skin feeling vibrant, plump and radiant.  I love that this mask can be used in two different ways depending on your preference too, the first is as a treatment mask which should be applied to freshly cleansed skin and left for up to 15 minutes or it can be used as an overnight intensive treatment mask if you feel your skin really needs a little bit of TLC.  If you are familiar with the Emma Hardie Moringa products, then this one is up there with the deliciousness of fragrance!

Four products which add a little something extra to your skincare routine.  Have you ever tried anything from the Emma Hardie Skincare range or is there anything you have got your eye on?
Top tips for combatting sluggish and sallow winter skin with Emma Hardie Skincare

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