Wednesday, 26 February 2020

REN Clean Skincare - Beauty Pioneers of Infinity Recycling

I feel I have been on quite the journey with REN Clean Skincare over the past few years with their formulas and their packaging.  Living in an era when recycling, recyclable and being plastic-free is of such huge importance, the beauty industry is really having to pick up its pace and be as accountable for their waste as supermarkets are.  I have become so much more aware of how much waste I produced and how many changes I have made - no plastic bags, I try and shop with the least amount of plastic that I can and if a product I use and love is refillable, then you can bet I am using it.  For REN it started back in 2018 when their cleansers became carton free and the moisturisers started to use an airless system, both in an effort to cut waste whilst at the same time, protecting that all-important formula.
REN Clean Skincare - Beauty Pioneers of Infinity Recycling
Having then moved through using 100% recycled plastic, introducing recycled beauty bags (still one of my favourite finds ever) and then signing up with Terracycle to continue the efforts to become zero waste by 2021, REN has now done an industry first and they have done it whilst celebrating their 20th anniversary and that is by debuting their new pack including Infinity Recycling material and what better way to do it than with the iconic moisturiser EverCalm Global Protection Day Cream.

In partnering with SABIC and Aptar, REN has become the first luxury beauty brand to use Infinity Recycling tech in the beauty industry, but, what exactly is Infinity Recycling? Essentially, by using groundbreaking technology to recycle that mixed plastic waste which would have been on its way to an incinerator or landfill and instead fully regenerate it to deliver certified recycled plastic that is identical to virgin plastic. By doing this, it opens up the possibility of indefinite plastic recycling without losing its quality or physical properties hence the name 'Infinity Recycling'. 

Not one to do things by half, REN has debuted their new Infinity Recycling material in their iconic EverCalm Global Protection Day Cream, which you can see pictured above. The tube within which the cream sits feels no different to any other skincare product I use that is in plastic packaging, other than feeling slightly lighter and naturally knowing it has been recycled does make you feel much better. 

This Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream is REN Clean Skincare's best selling moisturiser. Described as using a synergetic blend of powerful antioxidant and free radical scavengers, together with soothing and nourishing seed oils, this cream helps to protect the skin against dehydration and oxidation damage from modern life pollution, a known contributing factor to visible premature ageing. Key ingredients within this cream include:
  • Blackcurrant Seed Oil which is rich in Omega 3 - helps nourish and soothe skin.
  • Seabuckthorn Oil which is rich in Omega 7 - softens skin.
  • Camellia Oil which replenishes the skin.

The formula is incredibly moisturising without being greasy on the skin and because it has a lightweight texture, it sinks and absorbs into the skin effortlessly. I adore the clean scent of this cream which does have a slight hint of blackcurrant, but not one which is too overpowering.  If you have sensitive or sensitised skin, then this day cream is the one you absolutely need to have within your routine and it is the one from REN Clean Skincare which is most recommended and sold.

As well as being an incredible day cream and one I absolutely love having in my stash, I am blown away by just how much though REN Clean Skincare put into their journey to being zero waste by 2021 and they have done so without passing on the higher costs to you and I the consumer and they do this in the hope more companies join them on this very same journey, using the same technology thus making it less expensive in the future.  You can read more about this journey with REN Clean Skincare* via their website.

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  1. My husband uses the cleansing gel in this range and it really suits his sensitive skin. I love how committed to the environment they are x

  2. I love that they work so hard on making their packaging good for the environment. The Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream sounds like the perfect daily skincream.

  3. It sounds like they are really trying to be more environmentally friendly. The day cream sounds perfect for my skin

  4. It's fab that they're being so environmentally conscious! If only other brands did the same xo

    Makeup Muddle

  5. I love what they are doing with their packaging - it's just so good!


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