Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Brushwork Makeup Brushes and Accessories

Only recently I reviewed the Brushworks Precision Eye and Brow Brush set (here) and today I am back with two further products from the range which I have been using. If you have never come across the brand Brushworks before, you might be surprised to learn that they are an award-winning beauty brand who has an extensive range of makeup brushes, beauty tools and accessories, all of which are available from Tesco with prices starting around £5.49.
Brushwork Makeup Accessories
The first of two products to share is the Brushworks HD Multi-Tasking Sponge, which is a bright Barbie Doll pink is not something you are going to miss within your stash. Described as a latex-free hydrophilic sponge, it has is ultra-soft, non-sensitive, flake resistant and long-wearing. Like similar products, it expands with water to make using it and blending an easier task to complete and it also absorbs less makeup, holding only what is absolutely necessary.
Brushwork Makeup Accessories
Brushwork Makeup Accessories
Now the sponge is a slightly different shape and size to other products you might have used and this one has four different edges that can be used:
  • The broad rounded side of the sponge is best used for basic application of foundation and liquids.
  • The tapered end is better suited to detailing whereas the flat side is great for contouring with creamy products.
  • The point is said to be ideal for details & helps blend those hard to reach areas to prevent caking in fine lines and creases.
This sponge retails for around £6 and can be found online with Feelunique, Amazon and Tesco to name just a few.

The second product is the Brushworks HD Multi-tasking brush which features the same colouring as the Eye and Brow set mentioned above.
Brushwork Makeup Accessories
Brushwork Makeup Accessories
Suitable for use with both powder and liquids, this brush, which is handcrafted with a domed, flattened head has really densely packed in really soft bristles.  I have been using this brush mainly with my BB and CC creams and it does work really well, leaving a smooth and flawless finish.  

Again, this brush can be found in Tesco and it retails for £7.50 and all the brushes from Brushworks are cruelty-free and Vegan-friendly.

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  1. I've never seen a sponge shaped like that before! The prices are great x


  2. I love the look of the purple brush, looks great for buffing foudnation.

  3. It's amazing how affordable their brushes and tools are. Just goes to show you don't need to spend a fortune to get good quality beauty tools xo

  4. The sponge sounds amazing and such a cheaper alternative than the beauty blender! x


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