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Gym For Your Skin Introduction and Product Review

I love it when I come across a new brand that I really like from the first use of products, more so when I have never come across them before and I do so by chance.  Gym For Your Skin (GFYS) is one of those brands and I was lucky enough to meet Helen, the brands Managing Director, who gave me a full rundown of the brand, its meaning, the ethos, the products and of course I got to ask a million and one questions.
Gym For Your Skin Review
Gym For Your Skin has a total of 8 products split into four categories - Cleansers, Moisturisers, Vitamin Serums and AHA/Exfoliating Serums.  I have two products to share with you that I have been using which are the Warm Up Conditioning Cream Cleanser and the B-Hit Vitamin B Booster Serum.

I love a good cleanser and am a huge of double cleansing, something you will see me harp on about a lot throughout my blog posts.  I live and work in London and there are days when you can just feel how grim and dirty your skin is, to the point that a cotton wool pad turns a murky grey shade in one wipe!  From GFYS, the Warm-Up Conditioning Cream Cleanser (£22) is described as being a 4-in-1 cleanser which is broken down to mean it is like a creamy wash-off cleanser, make-up remover, moisturiser and a face wash all in one.
Gym For Your Skin Review
Made from the finest clinically and naturally active ingredients sourced from around the world, this cleanser is absolutely lovely to use and it is so incredibly creamy. Packaged in a pump-action bottle, you only need one or at a push two pumps of this cleanser, it does have a fairly thick texture but on the skin it feels just so silky smooth, almost like using a moisturising cream.  It uses what GFYS refers to as the power 7 as ingredients and they are:
  • VITAMINS A B C E - Powering recovery
  • MINERALS (ZINC OXIDE) - Powering defence
  • LACTIC,MALIC, SALICYLIC - Powering renewal.
  • ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS /LIPIDS RICH IN OMEGAS 3 6 9 - Blend of apricot kernel seed, cranberry seed, starflower, safflower, squalene, wheatgerm oils + ceramides) for Powering condition 
  • GYCLERINE + COCONUT WATER - Powering vitality
  • CO-ENZYME Q10 + GLUTATHIONE - Powering energy
  • GREEN TEA + RESVERATROL - Powering protection
Perfect for using in a morning or an evening, you apply the cleanser to your face as though it is a moisturising cream (dry skin) and then wet your face with water and massage onto and into the skin, at this stage it emulsifies and it smells just beautiful too, no overpowering chemical scent and no irritation.  After using my skin feels just incredible, it is soft, it is smooth and it feels clean.  For an extra treat, I lather my face with the cleanser and then apply a hot cloth over my face to let the steam work its magic!  As you can tell, this cleanser has made quite the impression!

The second product is the B-Hit Vitamin B Booster Serum (£37) and the description reads - Add B for Brilliance. Add vitamin B-Hit booster either because you want to 'getaway' from dryness, irritation, sensitivity, reactive skin and blotchiness. Or choose it to kick-start a lifetime of your best stunningly healthy luminous skin.
Gym For Your Skin Review
Helen insists that every skin needs a dose of Vitamin B daily because it is an amazingly effective and essential daily source of skin energy, boosts skin's immunity, reduces pigmentation and creates a brilliantly strong foundation for healthy skin. It builds the skins lipid barrier and creates stunningly dewy skin.  It is also said to be great for those with acne and Rosacea as it helps to calm the skin and reduce any excess oil which in turn helps to reduce the likelihood of blemishes.
B-Hit is THE great hidden skin strengthener, radiance booster and supplement for when you feel your moisturiser just can't cut it or if your skin feels flat and isn't in its best condition.
Again, this serum is also powered with by the 7 ingredients above and what I love about using this serum is firstly how refreshing it feels on the skin when applied and the scent is again just beautiful and really uplifting with a natural fragrance rather than one which is manufactured.  On the skin, it absorbs on contact and again with its pump dispenser, one pump is more than enough for the face and neck.  It can be applied in the morning and/or evening depending on what your preference is within your routine.  For me, it is a morning product.

All of the products from Gym For Your Skin can be used to create a routine, each one tells you in which order they need to be applied, so if skincare isn't something that you have got your head around, GFYS is actually really useful .  The team at GFYS also offer face-to-face video chats or you can chat with them via Facebook, Instagram, or on Email. During this chat, you can talk about your skincare issues, ask questions that bamboozle you and ask for advice on which products are best for you and your skin - a unique way of getting to know a brand as well as being given some guidance.

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