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The Inkey List Salicylic Acid Cleanser and Tumeric Moisturising Cream

I was first introduced to a brand called The Inkey List back in March has a simple aim and that is to break through all of the beauty jargon that we often have to Google to find a definition of and to deliver a straightforward take on the skin care’s most-wanted ingredients and all for the price of a few Costa Coffees. The brand has a core collection of what they call their 20 hero products and they have formulated by a team of experts and scientists, so if you like your Retinols, Salicylic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid, then this range gives you absolutely everything you need to essentially customise your own skincare regime to suit your skin.
The Inkey List Salicylic Cleanser and Tumeric Moisturiser
We all know brands throw around a lot of terminologies that we don't ever really understand, but what The Inkey List has done is break down all of that jargon and have made it simple to understand as well as teaching you how to pronounce each product phonetically.  

As you can say, today I am sharing my views on the Salicylic Acid Cleanser and the Tumeric Cream Moisturiser. 

If you have oily skin, then Salicylic is your friend, don't be put off by the word 'Acid' because it isn't as scary as it sounds.  Ideal for use in the morning and/or evening, the Salicylic Acid Cleanser (£10.99) is formulated with a zinc compound to help control excess sebum, while allantoin - an anti-irritant, helps to soothe and protect the skin. 
The Inkey List Salicylic Acid Cleanser
I love a good multi-use product and this Cleanser not only works to remove makeup but it also helps to control excess oil to reduce sebum, it helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, blackheads and breakouts as well as promoting a more even skin tone. 

My own skin is combination oily and I often find that I become shiny in an afternoon and this cleanser has been amazing at helping to calm that down as well as really helping to deal with blackheads.  No sign of irritation or any flare-ups.

The second product is the one I was really looking forward to trying.  Turmeric is one of those ingredients that is floated as being a wonder treatment to fix all kind of ailments, including sports injuries, whether it works or not, I have no idea, though making my own paste from Turmeric to help my with the swelling of my ankle was advised.  However, from The Inkey List, we have a Turmeric Moisturising Cream (£7.99). Turmeric if you didn't know is derived from Curcuma and contains amazing anti-inflammatory properties as well as being a fantastic antioxidant.
The Inkey List Tumeric Moisturising Cream

If you have dry and dehydrated skin, then this is one of the products you should try from The Inkey List. For me, I have dry and dehydrated patches of skin on my cheeks and the middle of my forehead, whilst exfoliation helps, they always manage to creep back to their favourite spots to make me feel self-conscious about my skin. I also have red patches on both of my cheeks too, so the use of Turmeric has helped reduce the redness whilst I have used the cream.

What I love about this cream is just how quickly it sinks into the skin, almost as soon as it comes into contact in fact. Alongside the Turmeric you will also find the hydrating, protective properties of squalane as well as antioxidant, vitamin E.

So far, I have absolutely loved getting to know The Inkey List, it isn't expensive, in fact both of these products together cost less than one of my favourite lip balms!

Have you tried anything from The Inkey List?

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  1. Thanks for finally talking about >"The Inkey List Salicylic Acid Cleanser and Tumeric Moisturising Cream" <Loved it!

  2. The Turmeric moisturiser sounds perfect for my skin! xx


  3. This sounds nice! I have not tried anything from this brand before.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  4. Oooh, they sound lovely and it's a new brand for me to try!

  5. I'm so intrigued by The Inkey List - and that Tumeric moisturiser, it's definitely a super food isn't it!

  6. I hadn't heard of this brand before but they sound fantastic!

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  8. I haven’t heard of this brand before! x


  9. Oooo they sound so good! I've never heard of the brand before!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  10. I have seen this brand floating around and really wanna give some products a try!

  11. Tumeric is so good for the skin, this cream sounds amazing


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