Friday, 12 July 2019

The Best Tools For The Job

As well as running my beauty blog and all my social media channels, which I do on my own without any help at all, I also work full time in quite a stressful and incredibly busy job, this sometimes includes working evenings and weekends throughout the year.
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Running an office with 6 members of staff is quite full on and to be able to do all of the above, I spend a lot of my working week online, be it writing emails, sorting websites, delivering campaigns, doing my own social media, writing a blog post, uploading and editing photographs, I need to ensure I have all the right tools available to me and the most important one is having the best Fibre Broadband I can have.  I need to ensure that my provider gives me the fastest upload and download speeds available within my area and I also want to ensure that each staff member has everything they need to do their job, if all 6 of us are online at the same time, I don’t want it to affect the broadband speed with constant buffering.

So, having just had my office completely renovated from top to bottom, I now find myself in a brand new part of the building that had never before been used.  There was no telephone lines, no media ports and not even a single plug socket that had been used.  This meant that having ended my previous telephone and broadband contract after 15 years, I was able to look for a better deal. So, one single look using my work postcode as to which company offered the best deal took less than 5 minutes to complete and now instead of having less than a 20mb speed, which was quite shocking, we now have 59mb and the difference is incredible, a report takes less than 2 minutes to upload onto our online portal now whereas it could be anything up to 15 minutes before we switched over.  Meetings on Skype no longer buffer and constantly state we have connection issues.

The majority of my work is now done online, I have business skype meetings, phone conferences and whilst I am in the office, especially if I am working late then I have the ability to have music on in the background and in the office we are all hooked up to Spotify and each takes it in turns to play our choice of music, I usually always have the news on in the background, some days I need background noise to be more productive than I would usually be, other days it might be the cricket or my newest love for crime podcasts, there is nothing quite like swearing at an excel spreadsheet whilst listening to a serial killer programme, it removes the temptation to just throw the monitor out of the window!

For blogging, I often write posts during my lunchtime, whilst on a break or before an evening meeting and that often means I need to do a bit of research, fact-checking and photo editing and uploading all from my office.  If you have a slow broadband connection, it can take forever to load some sites due to their fancy graphics and constant pop-up adverts (annoying). The one thing I've noticed a huge change with having better broadband is just how quickly I can do all of the above.

I fully accept that having the internet is a luxury and having superfast fibre-optic broadband more so, especially when some areas of the country struggle to get a signal on their mobile phone never mind WiFi, but it is a luxury that I need to do my job and to blog. 

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  1. I don't realise how much I am dependant on the internet until I don't have it - then it's a complete nightmare!

    Erin || MakeErinOver


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