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Floral Street Discovery Set

Have you ever really wanted a new fragrance but have been so overwhelmed with the sheer number available in all kind of wonderful descriptions, families and concoctions? Right now I am obsessed with Floral Street fragrances, especially their newest launch Electric Rhubarb which I reviewed on my blog here
Floral Street Discovery Set
Floral Street can be found nestled in the heart of Covent Garden and it is described as being a brand built on the streets of London and one which is about breaking with tradition. It’s about peeling back the curtain of the secret world of fragrance. It’s about ease, modernity and joy. For me, what Floral Street has done is challenge my view of comfortable fragrances and instead convinced me to change things up and reach out of my comfort zone and I have just the product to do that with.

Meet the Floral Street discovery set (£14), a mini scent wardrobe which contains a 1.5ml sized bottle of all eight perfumes from Floral Street, excluding Electric Rhubarb.
Floral Street Discovery Set
 So inside you will find London Poppy, Wonderland Peony, Neon Rose, Wild Vanilla Orchid, Iris Goddess, Chypre Sublime, Black Lotus and Ylang Ylang Espresso.  All of these fragrances have been created by Jerome Epinette, one of the finest perfumers in the industry and someone I have been lucky enough to meet and listen too. Jerome is known for his mastery of natural ingredients and created each one of these scents using prized raw materials which have been sourced and synthesised by the iconic fragrance house Robertet.  Each fragrance tells its own story and each one is all fused with the dynamic energy of London and each one has an incredible 20% perfume oil level which not only makes these scents long-lasting but is also the reason they capture your attention.

The fragrances from left to right with their descriptions are:

  • London Poppy - Described as being a love letter to London: a city as tough as ever-lasting poppies. A city that sees the sun through the clouds, a scent that opens with a bright beam of light. Sicilian lemon and Florida orange bring the zing. A salt-spray marine note adds an unexpected sea-facing view. The ultimate urban mood-lifter. London Poppy sits within the floral family.
  • Wonderful Peony - Described as being a sweet floral stuffed full of peonies, pink berries and violets. A shot of cedarwood lends a woody-balsamic warmth, while vetiver injects the tiniest hint of hazelnut. Sophisticated, not soft. Captivating not cute. Wonderful Peony sits within the Floral Family
  • Neon Rose - Described as being for the fiery, quirky, striking and expressive. Like freshly-chopped jasmine and roses draped around your neck. And yet, no roses were harmed in the making of this showpiece - these buds were cooked up in our lab for extra punch. Super-clean, super-floral. Neon Rose sits within the Floral Family.
  • Wild Vanilla Orchid - Described as being a vanilla, but not as you know it. A raw-edged confection of creamy vanilla beans, blossom, cassis and citrus, dressed in a bunch of just-plucked jasmine. Offsetting the lingering sweetness; bamboo and sandalwood bend and fold underneath. Laid-back but exquisite. White tulle and high top, in fragrance form. Sits within the Oriental Family.
  • Iris Goddess - there’s nothing shy about these violets. An explosion of powdery petals collide with ripe red fruits. Black vanilla, warm musks and earthy carrot seed bring exoticisim and depth, sparkling lemon zest and red chilli pepper add a jolt of life. Other-worldly and mystical. From the forest to the desert. An adventure in a bottle. iris Goddess sits within the Chypre Family.
  • Chypre Sublime - Because Floral Street never smelled a flower they didn’t like, they loaded almost all of them into this un-put-down-able blend. Purified damask rose, violets, patchouli and geranium tap their feet. Olibanum – used to awaken the spirit in meditation – offers a resin-soaked wooden table for the flowers to perch on. A fragrance for musicians, painters and poets. Chypre Sublime sits within the Chypre Family.
  • Black Lotus - Described as being the classic English-Rose dressed in a black leather jacket. Intoxicating, spirited, bohemian and alive. Complex and multi-faceted, the sweet honeyed scent of centifolia rose adds depth to lighter, spicy nuances by way of red peppercorn and saffron. Once smelt, forever adored. Black Lotus sits within the Oriental Family.
  • Ylang Ylang Espresso - Described as being for the rebels. The thinkers. And the leaders: a powerful fragrance with its own electric current. A strikingly modern blend of red rose, ylang ylang and jasmine cross paths with a soothing cloud of just-brewed coffee, fresh cream and Sichuan pepper – sustainably harvested from the foothills of the Himalayas. A fragrance to get lost in. Ylang Ylang Espresso sits within the Chypre Family.
Within this collection, there is something for everything. Whether you like your florals, your musks, something with a hint of spice, something more earthy, something a little bit out of your comfort zone or even just something new that you are yet to discover.  This fragrance discovery set has given me the opportunity to move away from a department store and fragrance shops to try each one of these fragrances within the surroundings I am more likely to frequent.  Whenever I try a fragrance, unless I have purchased it before, I would never buy it immediately after trying it in a store because it never quite smells the same, they are all mixed in together with the surrounding air, what other people are wearing and other factors.

Having tried all eight of these fragrances, there isn't a single one I dislike, even Wild Vanilla Orchid surprised me because I cannot stand the heavy scent of Vanilla, it gives me a headache, this but scent was light on the vanilla and smelt wonderful of Jasmine, which happens to be one of my favourite fragrances notes.  Despite not disliking any of these, there are two which I absolutely adored and they are Black Lotus and London Poppy, both smell absolutely differently but they are both just divine and I have no doubts will be added to my growing collection.
Floral Street Fragrance Vials
Aside from fragrances, Floral Street has quite a collection of Body Creams and Body washes, which all match the fragrances within this discovery set, but I recently noticed a huge arsenal of Candles and Reed diffusers too, so those I am looking forward to getting to know over time, again as with the fragrances, there is a lot of choices.

This Discovery Set is priced at just £14 here and the fragrances themselves are priced at £22 for 10ml and £58 for 50ml. Each Floral Street fragrance comes tucked inside a ground-breaking pulp carton with an embossed lid, made from recyclable paper packaging and held together with a re-usable brightly-coloured band. A totally recyclable and biodegradable box - a first for the world of fragrance. The box can then be re-purposed to store jewellery, crystals, herbal teas, as a seed tray for plants and herbs - and just about anything else. All of the fragrances as also Cruelty-free and Vegan too.

From the descriptions given above, do any of the fragrances capture your attention?

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  1. I love the sound of London Poppy and Neon Rose! xx

  2. Such a lovely set. It would be such a nice gift, and great price too.

  3. My eldest is just finding her feet when it comes to beauty and fragrance. This sounds like a good set to introduce her to the different smells so she can select her favourite

  4. I love trying little samples like this, they're the best!

  5. Oh they all sound so beautiful. What a lovely set x

  6. These sound gorgeous, I love florals, and I love mixing different scents to get a unique scent!


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