Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Lancôme Miel En Mousse Cleanser

Lancôme is one of those brands I really feel I should know a lot more about than I do, but I confess to knowing very little and I tend to stick with repurchasing the few products from the brand I love.  The main one being Lancôme Miel En Mousse Cleanser, which was initially gifted to me at a blogger event and I have since repurchased it 3/4 times because I just love it.
Lancôme Miel En Mousse Cleanser
Bright orange in colour, this Miel En Mousse Cleanser works to remove all traces of your day - makeup, dirt, grime and all other nasties lurking on the surface of your skin.  It does have a really thick honey-like texture which I absolutely love. Thankfully, it does come out of a pump-action bottle and you need just 2-3 pumps to use it most effectively. 

The directions are that you pump the cleanser directly onto your fingertips and massage on to dry skin, at this point it is definitely worth remembering that this is quite a thick textured cleanser and it does have that honey texture, it does initially feel sticky on the fingers and then on the skin, this quickly disappears as soon as you begin to massage. The honey-like texture comes from the fact it is enriched with Acacia honey which is known for its soothing properties for dry and chapped skin.
Lancôme Miel En Mousse Cleanser
Once you have massaged it onto the skin, you need to activate it using lukewarm water and at this stage, the honey texture turns to more of a velvety foam and if you are a fan of the scent of honey, it is at this stage of cleansing that the scent intensifies and it is just so lovely.

After cleaning my face, I always ensure I have a flannel or muslin cloth to hand to remove any excess foam/product from my face.  Then afterwards, I not only have skin which is clean and free from the day's dirt and grime, but also soft, smooth and moisturised.    For me, Miel-En-Mousse is a bit of a hybrid product because not only does it do its job as a cleanser, but it also acts as a moisturiser too.  I find with some foaming cleansers that despite removing all the gunk from my skin, they also manage to leave my skin feeling stripped of absolutely everything and therefore I am reaching for as many products as I can to add moisture back to my skin.

Lancôme Miel En Mousse Cleanser comes in a 200ml bottle and is priced between £19.99 upwards to £24* you get a cleanser which instantly eliminates daily dirt, excess oil and impurities, whilst at the same time removing all types of makeup without drying out or stripping the skin.

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  1. It sounds like a really gorgeous product. Like you, this is a brand that I haven't tried loads from xx

  2. I haven't tried many skincare products from them, but their makeup!!!

  3. I love the colour of the bottle/product! x


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