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SVR Sun Secure Range

Now we have had the Summer Solstice and are halfway through the year and finally, it looks as though Summer has arrived - hurrah! We all know that we should wear SPF all year round and it still horrifies me that so many people think that it is just an added extra when the sunshine is out, that in itself is a whole blog post on its own.  Today, I am sharing the SVR Laboratoire Dermatlogique Sun Secure range which is their first protection for sensitive skin that targets all types of rays: UVB, UVA, Visible Light and Infrared.

SVR Sun Secure Range
I am a huge fan of the brand SVR Laboratoire and have featured them quite a few times on my blog with the Hydracid C50 Masque Eclat and a trio of SVR Micellar waters. As a brand, SVR was born in 1962 by the visionary pharmacists Simone and Robert VĂ©ret whose key aim was to create "BEAUTIFUL SKIN". Over the years, their son and later their grandson transformed this small French family brand into a true star in the field of dermo-cosmetics.

The first product from this collection is the Invisible Finish Dry Touch Fluid SPF50+. This is described as being a dry touch lotion that leaves a matt, non-greasy and non-sticky finish on the skin.  I have mentioned a few times on my blog now that the one issue I have with sunscreen is how it is often incredibly thick and makes the skin just feel caked in cream and suffocated.
SVR Sun Secure Invisible Finish Dry Touch Fluid SPF50+
This fluid has a lightweight texture which instantly absorbs into the skin and it is water, sweat, and rub-resistant giving optimal protection. This face care is said to be suitable for the sun-hypersensitive skin of the whole family and this includes babies, children, adults. It has a really light but delicate summery fragrance rather than that traditional suncream scent.

The second product is the Invisible Hydrating Milk SPF50+ and if you like a product that just melts onto and then into the skin leaving it moisturised whilst protected, then this product will tick those boxes for you.
SVR Sun Secure Invisible Hydrating Milk SPF50+

 This lotion has a really lovely milky texture, which is neither heavy or greasy when applied to the skin. On contact, it melts immediately and leaves behind no trace it was there.  I often find that sunscreen leaves a tacky feeling on the skin and this one does not, there is also no sign of the white traces of cream on the skin which you often get with sunscreen and it is sweat and rub resistant for lasting protection.  This Milky Lotion is quite different to any others that I have tried, in that you can also apply it to wet skin and again, it leaves no white trace on the skin.

The third product within the collection is the Silky-Finish Dry Oil SPF50+ is described as being a high protection silky dry-touch oil that also promotes a luminous, even tan.  This milky mist, which gives a silky finish is suitable for the face and body of those with sensitive skin.
SVR Sun Secure Silky-Finish Dry Oil
Formulated for use on both the face and the body, you can also use this oil on the hair. Interestingly enough, I asked a few of my friends which brand of sun protection they used on their hair and shockingly, every single one of them looked at me as though I had committed a crime, not a single one of them had ever given it a moments thought!  Have you?

Again, a product that can be used on wet or dry skin, the milky oil mist with its anti-dryness, non-sticky texture not only nourishes the skin, but it does so without leaving a greasy film on the skin.

The fourth product has become my favourite of the collection so far and quite unexpectedly so. The SVR Invisible Fresh Mist SPF50+ is described as being the ultimate cool-down for all skin types.
SVR Sun Secure Invisible Fresh Mist SPF50+
Light and totally invisible when spritzed onto the skin, you get an immediate hit of freshness and cooling, a wonderful sensation when you have been out and about in the hot sunshine.  As it is spritzed, on the skin, it leaves a veil of protection and again one that isn't sticky, tacky or greasy to the touch. Again, I love the delicate summer scent the products within this collection have and to me, it is more evident within this mist than it is within any other product in the range.

Again, the mist can be applied to wet skin and it is water, sweat and rub-resistant too.

Finally from the collection we have the SVR After Sun Milk and it is described as being a soothing, moisturising and restorative treatment that is suitable for the warm skin of the whole family.
SVR Sun Secure After Sun Milk
After Sun isn't a product I tend to buy and use, the issue for me is usually the texture and I instead stick to Aloe Vera or, if I do manage to burn, Calamine Lotion to soothe my skin after a warm shower. From SVR, we have a product that is not only hydrating but cooling on the skin.  It has what is referred to as being a unique, micro-aerated texture that melts into skin without feeling greasy or sticky, so, once it has been applied, you can get dressed quickly and go about your day. Providing soothing, hydrating and repairing care, it contains emollient and repairing ingredients, including moisturising Coconut Oil to leave skin feeling silky and comforted. It effectively rehydrates and soothes sensations of overheating after sun exposure. 

Infused with ultra-fine pearlescent particles and a summery scent to help enhance the look of your tan while leaving skin feeling soft. For the past week, I have left this after sun in the fridge and applied it once I have got home and it feels absolutely divine on the skin. 

All of these products from SVR have what is called the SVR's Integral Secure Technology, a triple-action formula which provides protection against oxidative damage from UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared light.

Available from Lookfantastic*, Feelunique and Beauty Expert*, if you haven't yet found a brand of sun care that you like, then this is one to absolutely try.  Prices start around £15.

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  1. SVR is such an underrated brand! I love their spf range, and have you tried their Vitamin C Mousse Mask?

  2. SPF is so important, wish more people knew x

  3. I love the sound of the hydrating milk and mist. I haven't tried this brand before xx



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