Tuesday 27 March 2018

SVR Laboratoire Dermatologique Eau Micellaire

When something has a history dating back to before you were even born, you often wonder how it has managed to keep it self so well hidden. Born in 1962 visionary pharmacists Simone and Robert VĂ©ret created SVR: a dermatological laboratory whose key aim was to create "BEAUTIFUL SKIN". Over the years, their son and later their grandson transformed this small French family brand into a true star in the field of dermo-cosmetics.
SVR Laboratoire Dermatologique Eau Micellaire
SVR Laboratoire Dermatologique Eau Micellaire
I was kindly sent a trio of SVR Micellar waters to try and anyone who knows me or has read my blog will know that I am not the biggest fan of Micellar Waters and am yet to find something I like enough to repurchase, so this was quite the task.  The three waters I have are Physiopure, Sebiaclear and Sensifine and each one performs a slightly different role to the other.

The first one is Physiopure, a Micellar water which is described as being pure and gentle as well as ideal for busy women looking for perfect make-up removal in a single step.
SVR Laboratoire Dermatologique Eau Micellaire

  • Oxygenating Magnesium : energises and re-oxygenates the cells while detoxifying the skin.
  • Exclusive moisturising complex : Provides comfort, softness and suppleness for the skin, prevents sensations of tightness.
With these ingredients, this product is designed to remove all types of makeup, even that pesky waterproof mascara in one single sweep of the face, even surface dirt and grime. What I like about this particular Micellar Water is that it doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky, something that I have found with other brands.

The second is called Sebiaclear, a product which is said to be suited to even the most sensitive, oily-combination skin. 
SVR Laboratoire Dermatologique Eau Micellaire
Again it works to purify, cleanse and remove makeup in one single step, just as Physiopure does, but this one has one slight difference in that it also works to remove excess sebum without drying out the skin. Again, ingredients include:
  • Gluconolactone which has anti-inflammatory action and incredible keratolytic power. As effective as AHAs with extra tolerance. It's function being to unclog those pores.
  • Niacinamide, an ingredient you might see more and more, it is used for its antibacterial and sebum-regulating effectiveness.
I have combination/oily skin and often look to products which help to control that excess sebum, something that Sebiaclear is designed to do and does do exceptionally well, for me anyway.

Finally we have Sensifine AR, a selection of products which have been designed for skin which is prone to redness, sensitivity, even rosacea. The Micellar water is described as being extra-soothing, redness-reducing for face, eyes and lips. 

SVR Laboratoire Dermatologique Eau Micellaire
It is enriched with hydrating agents such as liquorice extract and Endothelyol which come together to soothe, decongest, and lower the temperature of the skin. They work alongside soothing niacinamide which gently and effectively removes make-up from the face, eyes, and lips.  I like how this feels when it is on my skin, it is soothing, it removes absolutely everything and it doesn't leave my skin feeling taut after using.

With all three of these Micellar Waters, to use you simply soak a cotton wool pad with the product and glide over the skin to remove your makeup and anything else which might be lurking.  Having used all three of these products, all three of them do exactly as they state they will do, makeup, even the hardest to remove waterproof mascara is erased in one swipe of the skin.  Given my own skin type, I found Sensifine AR is the one which works the best for me, so much so I have ordered a full sized bottle from Feelunique (here) because I was so impressed with how my skin felt after using it.  If any of these three have captured your attention, you can try and test all of them for just £5 for a 75ml bottle, again from Feelunique.

Do you have a favourite Micellar Water?

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