Wednesday 5 June 2019

Pestle & Mortar - Erase and Renew

When it comes to double cleansing, I am an absolute advocate, I love how it makes my skin feel afterwards.  Living in London, there are days when your skin just feels absolutely horrendous owing to all the smog, pollution and dust.
Pestle & Mortar - Erase and Renew Collection
Pestle & Mortar - Erase and Renew products
The Pestle & Mortar Erase and Renew has been a set of products I have tried over quite sometime now and it is described as being a simple two-step solution for cleansed, nourished and illuminated skin. As a brand, Pestle & Mortar are a brand who wants to make skin care simple and brand Co-Owner Sonia Deasy says:
“Everyone deserves to wake up to skin that looks and feels its best.
Skincare shouldn’t be complicated. What you put on your skin every day should provide cumulative benefits and you ought to feel confident that it will cause no harm.
I created Pestle & Mortar so that people who care about how their skin looks and feels can trust that what they are putting on their skin is pure, safe and highly effective.”
The Erase and Renew Collection features two high-performance cleansers and with then is a really luxurious feeling double-sided cleansing cloth and essentially what this creates is everything you need to perform the double cleanse properly because with it comes a really good set on instructions.

The first step of the double cleanse is titled 'Erase' and the product from the box you need for this action is the nourishing cleansing balm. The Erase Balm Cleanser is a lightly scented balm cleanser which is formulated with hydrating, cleansing and skin-soothing natural oils. Infused with Pumpkin Enzymes, the cleanser works to eliminate even the most stubborn eye make-up including that waterproof mascara.  Then there is Meadowfoam, Prickly Pear Seed and Grape Seed Oils which nourish and protect against free radical damage.
Pestle & Mortar Erase Makeup Removing Balm
With solid balm cleansers, I always find them easier to use if I keep an old scoop from another product. Scooping the balm from the tub, you warm it between the palms of your hands and then massage on to dry skin, this then works to remove anything in its path, including SPF and waterproof mascara. Then once you have finished, ensure the muslin side of the cloth is wet with warm water and simply wipe the cleanser from your face.  What I like about this stage is how the cleanser feels on my skin and it is also quite satisfying to see everything removed onto the cloth.

The second step of the double cleanse is called 'Renew' and involved using the lightweight cleanser which is in gel form. Formulated using the enzymes of both Papaya and Mango and their job is to expertly eliminate dirt and impurities. Superoxide Dismutase also features and it is an ingredient that is described as being the hero because it not only helps to tighten pores and help with age-related pigmentation but it also helps fight superoxide toxicity, to a layperson that means it breaks down harmful free radicals from causing havoc on the skin. There is also the inclusion of Meadowfoam Seed Oil which works decongest and clarify to leave skin smooth, hydrated and illuminated with improved tone and texture.
Pestle & Mortar Renew Gel
Renew is a gel cleanser which has a similar texture of Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel and for me, what I absolutely love is that it doesn't cause a foam to create when it comes into contact with the skin or water.  I only ever seem to need just the one pump of this gel and again, it should be applied directly to dry skin and massaged gently across the face and neck, the advice is to use upward strokes.  Then once you have finished, you need to use the softer side of the cloth to remove any trace from the skin.

The cloth that has been enclosed with this double cleansing system is an important one for me. Whenever a brand releases products like this, I always feel they should include everything that ensures you get the absolute best treatment, this also includes instructions on how best to use everything.   The cloths, in this case, are made from 100% Indian Cotton and as a two-sided cloth, with one side featuring a Muslin for that gentle exfoliation when using the Erase Balm and the softer flannel side is quite soothing on the face as you remove the final traces of the Renew Gel Cleanser.  
Pestle & Mortar Cleansing Cloth
These cloths can also be purchased separately for £13.50 per pack of 3 which I also think is handy.

Having used this double cleanse system for months now, I absolutely love how it makes my skin feel. That fresh feeling after a facial is one that you simply cannot beat, it feels incredible to have your skin feel squeaky clean and soft and smooth to the touch.

Erase & Renew (£52.00) will be available online at via LookFantastic* and buying the set is a saving of £24.  All Pestle & Mortar products are free from parabens, mineral oil, silicones, sulphates, propylene and animal derived raw materials. They are cruelty-free and formulated to suit all skin types.

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