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Tina Cassaday Banana-Banana Hair Care

When it comes to hair care, there is one lady who knows her stuff and that is the wonderful Tina Cassaday, someone I have not only had the pleasure of meeting but someone I've had my hair checked by, secrets I've shared and afternoon tea we have chatted over. One of Beverly Hill's most notable hair stylists who tends to the tresses of some of Hollywood's hottest stars, there is very little Tina does not know about hair care and the structure of it but she has also created her very own hair care line.
Tina Cassaday Banana-Banana Hair Care
In approaching hair, Tina has successfully paired the study of molecular structure - trichology - with hair colour and cutting. It was this scientific method that led to her success. I have been using the Banana-Banana range for a few months now and it is every bit as incredible as you might expect, the condition is also Vegan!

I met Tina last year in Harvey Nichols as she showcased her brand and the first thing we did was talk about how my hair makes me feel, the issues I have and the products I use on my hair.  We then did, what is known as the submerge test to look for areas of concern.  The test includes talking a bowl of water and one strand of your hair which you place on top of the water, after three minutes, if any part of the hair sinks, this is the main area of concern.  Your hair should hold 1/3 of its dry weight and sinking means low moisture levels if little dots appear around the floating hair strand, this indicates a residue.  Thankfully, my hair did float but for me, my issue is when I am stressed or unwell, my scalp becomes dry and itchy at the back of my scalp, so I was thankful I was able to talk to Tina about this.

The Banana-Banana range consists of three products - a shampoo, a conditioner and an Elixir and I am lucky enough to have been using all three.  The Banana Bliss Shampoo smells absolutely incredible, if you love the scent of bananas then this will leave you wanting more.
Tina Cassaday Banana-Banana Hair Care - Banana Bliss Shampoo
Designed to be both nutritious, Banana Bliss is made with 100% organic ingredients which include Banana Flower Extract, Banana Fruit Extract, Coconut Fruit Juice, Plantain Leaf Extract, Banana Pulp Extract, Hydrolyzed Quinoa and Aloe Leaf Juice to name a few.  

What I really love about this shampoo is that you only need a small amount, my hair is just past shoulder length and whilst this shampoo doesn't lather as much as others, it leaves my hair feeling just incredibly clean, my scalp refreshed and there is less frizz and static once it has dried.

The second product is the Banana-Banana Conditioner Hair Masque and it is designed to give the hair extreme deep conditioning.  Made with Banana Pulp, it is rich and luxurious and its job is to lock in moisture and leave your hair feeling soft, shiny and manageable.  If your hair needs some rescuing because it is chemically processed or stressed.
Tina Cassaday Banana-Banana Conditioner
To use, you apply it from the roots to the ends in a downward motion and it is the liquid fruit formulation which delivers that deep, natural conditioning for the hair leaving so soft, so hydrated and feeling just amazing. The idea with this conditioner is that to get the best from it, you should use it as a masque and it should be left on the hair for between 5 to 45 minutes to work its magic. Once you have washed the remnants from your hair and then, Tina then advises that you finish with an ice-cold rinse.

You can also use this masque overnight by simply applying it to the hair and washing it out in the morning, but I would advise that you wear a shower cap of some sort, because it does mush on your pillow.  I tend to use this conditioner once a month as an intensive treatment and my hair just absolutely loves it.

The final product is one I cannot get enough of and it is one I want to bathe in and that is the Banana Blossom Elixir and honestly, it just smells amazing.
Tina Cassaday Banana Blossom Elixir

The Banana Blossom Elixir features lightweight Banana Flower, Sunflower, Quinoa, Passionfruit, Acai Fruit and Argan oils and its job within your hair care routine is to help you to achieve shiny, healthy and smooth hair which, as you might have guessed by now, smells just incredible.

To use, you simply pump a small amount onto the palms of your hands and then rub them together to emulsify, at this point, you then distribute through damp or dry hair in a downward motion and then style as you usually would.  For my hair, this elixir helps to keep those shorter, newer hairs in place without leaving my hair feeling greasy and unwashed. The scent of banana is even more intensified when used alongside the other two products within this range and it is a scent which lasts for a good day or two.

The entire Banana-Banana hair care range is available in Harvey Nichols and online and if you are looking for an incredible hair care range to soothe and smooth those tresses, then this is more than worth giving a try.

As well as being the hair care guru to the sides, Tina's other passion is giving back. She works with Centrepoint in London teaching the homeless youth how to do hair, as well as, hairstyling for royal events. Centrepoint is HRH Prince William's patron charity.

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  1. Oh my gosh everything sounds divine! I love banana scents and these photos are so cute xx

  2. Everything sounds amazing! I remember using the banana shampoo & conditioner from The Body Shop years ago but it's not a scent that you often find in haircare xx


  3. I love the smell of bananas, I would love to try these out, especially the Elixir.

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    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. I'm really not a banana fan - so sorry :( I'm sure for banana lovers though these products would be perfect!

  6. I LOVE the smell of Banana products - will have to get these! x

  7. I bet that this collection smells incredible! The elixir sounds fantastic and definitely something my hair would benefit from.

    Roxie |

  8. I do like the sound of this - I grew up on the body shop banana haircare so the scent will be right up my street!

  9. It sounds like a nice range x

  10. This sounds gorgeous. Banana scented hair! I am sold x


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