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Products You Need To Get Your Feet Ready For Spring?

It is no secret that I hate feet, but more than that, I am really not a fan of having them touched by other people, though I can just about stomach my own hands touching them. In order to ensure no-one else needs to come near my feet, I do take care of them, as I do with my hands, face, body and so on. I have an abundance of products that I use to rub, scrub, smooth and smoothe my feet with because nothing gives me the heebeejeebees more than the thought of having to visit a podiatrist!
Products You Need To Get Your Feet Ready For Spring?
Now Spring has sprung (somewhere), it is time to remove those socks and tights you have so perfectly hidden your feet away in over the colder months and dust off those pretty sandals, flipflops and wedges you bought in the Summer sale to get some wear out of them. But, before you do that, there is a whole host of things you need to get those feet ready to be on show to the world.

For me, the first thing I always do is grab a foot mask and I tend to opt for ones which come with their own booties. One of the best masks I have used for my feet comes from Tonic15 and it is the Love.edellis Foot Mask (£5 here). 
Love.edellis Foot Mask
Using Honey extract which increases skin firmness and retains moisture, Menthol because it hosts antibacterial properties and also helps to hydrate dry skin as well as Macadamia oil which works to soothe the skin. To use, always ensure your feet are clean and then remove the foot mask boots from the packet and apply them to your feet, just like a pair of socks.  Unlike similar products, these masks have a tightening stud so they don't hang off your feet.  After twenty minutes, you remove the boots and if there is any excess serum, massage it into your feet and let them work their magic.

If you need something a little more hardcore to help remove dead and dry skin, then Tony Moly Super Peeling Liquid foot masks are the ones you need and whenever I see these on offer in TKMaxx, I stock up, but you can also grab them on Amazon or Boots*
Tony Moly Super Peeling Liquid
This Super Peeling Liquid has a unique formula fortified with fruit extract and it is a gentle way to remove layers of dead skin cells from your feet. Inside the box, you will find a pair of single-use plastic socks and the Super Peeling Liquid to ensure you get those soft, smooth feet.  To use, you apply the plastic looking socks, which I always find are slightly too big but they do have ties at the top so you can safely secure them in place, but you do need to leave them on for around an hour to 90 minutes, so grab that book you have been meaning to finish reading or finish writing that blog post.  Within 5-7 days you will notice the skin on your feet begins to loosen as the fruit extracts work their magic over that time and you will be surprised how much skin comes away!  Thankfully, after looking like a snake shedding its skin, you are left with incredibly smooth skin.

If that sounds a little too grim for you, then you could grab the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot Care System (£39.99 in Boots*).  It helpfully comes with an extra Coarse Roller Head which has long-lasting micro-abrasive particles which now includes finely ground diamond crystals. 
Scholl Pedi Footcare System
Having used a previous design from Scholl, this one is so much better at removing dead and dry skin in one go, so there is no need to spend an age trying to remove it and there is little need to use the device too regularly. On its own, this device retails for £39.99 so the kit as a whole is an absolute bargain.

Just like the rest of your body, your feet do need moisturising help. From L'Occitane, I have been using the Shea Intensive Foot Balm (£23 here*) which is an ultra-rich version of the iconic Shea Foot Cream, specially adapted for very dry skin. 
L'Occitane Shea Foot Balm
Enriched with a high concentration of Shea butter (25%), this repairing foot cream works to intensively nourish the skin. Concentrated in D-Panthenol and allantoin, it helps to immediately soothe the feet, bringing them comfort, reducing roughness and fighting against dryness. I love how rich and luxurious this balm textured cream feels on my feet and the best part? It absorbs into the skin incredibly quickly, so I don't have to sit and massage my feet for too long.  For added moisture, you can also apply a thicker layer to the skin and then, use cotton socks and leave on overnight. Every single time I have used this balm, it has left my skin soft, supple and incredibly smooth to the touch.

I would love to know what you use to ensure your feet are kept looking their absolute best as we move from Winter to Spring.

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  1. I've just repurchased the L'Occitane foot balm after finishing two tubes because it's soooo good! xx


  2. The Scholl machine is a life saver in the summer!!

  3. I totally neglect my feet so they are definitely in need of a good pamper. I don't think I've even tried a foot mask before.

    Roxie |

  4. I defo need to add some of these to my shopping list - my trotters are a in bad way !

  5. I love L’Occitane products but I haven’t tried that cream x

  6. I love the L'Occitane hand cream so I can imagine the foot cream is incredible too! I might just need to try it out!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. Oooh I totally need to try that foot cream. I've only tried a mini version and it was so lovely xx

  8. I need the L'Occitane Foot Cream ASAP! x


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