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Merumaya Effective Skincare - Mineral Cleansing Paste

Merumaya is a brand I have a lot of time for and it is one I am yet to find something I dislike and I have featured them on my blog a few times now with products such as the Retinol Resurfacing Treatment (here). The latest product I have almost finished using up is the Mineral Cleansing Paste, a Vegan cleanser which is gentle enough to be used daily but effective enough if you just want to use it a few times a week. 
Merumaya Effective Skincare - Mineral Cleansing Paste
Merumaya Effective Skincare - Mineral Cleansing Paste

If you feel your skin is dull, has large pores and blackheads, is flaky, oily, dry, dehydrated, is uneven in both skin tone and texture, there are dark spots, if your skin is fatigued or sleep deprived, patchy, sluggish, sallow or if you have spots and scars, then Mermumaya claim that this cleanser is for you.  Cleansing is a huge part of my skincare routine and I love discovering new products to use.

This Mineral Cleansing Paste has a beautifully thick texture, so you only need to lightly squeeze the tube, otherwise, you will have more than you need.  Full of amazing minerals, what I love about this brand is that there is always a reason to include key ingredients and every time there is an explanation as to why Meleka (Founder of Merumaya) has included them. As the name might suggest with this product, it does contain some minerals and they include the likes of:

  • Magnesium - Over the past few years, magnesium has appeared in more and more beauty products and it is known for its anti-stress and anti-fatigue properties. For the skin, it provides cells with the energy to combat daily stressors and also facilitates the metabolism of fatty acids required to maintain the skin’s protective barrier, and Vitamin C needed to synthesise collagen.
  • Zinc - Another ingredient I am slowly learning more about. Described as being essential for skin healing and it also provides antioxidant protection. Deficiency in Zinc is attributed to skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema. It's antimicrobial properties prevent acne and breakouts
  • Copper - I have seen Copper in a few skincare products and within this cleansing paste it helps form elastin, which in turn helps to keep the skin supple and gives it bounce. It is also critical for the absorption and use of Iron as well as the production of melanin, needed for skin tanning
  • Iron - It is said that Iron is essential for oxygenation of the skin, which gives a healthy glow. It also hosts anti-inflammatory properties which in turn stimulates collagen production.
  • Silicon - Described as being the key in the formation of collagen to keep skin firm and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. It also improves skin’s strength and elasticity
  • Corindon 100 - An ingredient I have not come until now, but within this paste, it provides microdermabrasion thanks to its powdery-fine texture. It exfoliates and polishes skin, leaving it super smooth and glowing. It's so gentle even sensitive skins can benefit. It's also biodegradable, so won’t harm fish or add plastic to our seas.
  • Sweet Almond Oil - High in Vitamin E for antioxidant protection, it also acts as a ‘wash-on’ moisturiser to comfort and nourish dry and sensitive skins.

As a micro-exfoliator, there is nothing harsh or abrasive to irritate the skin and when I use it, I apply a thin layer to dry skin but then with wet hands, massage the paste in circular motions to make it work my skin.  I have combination oily skin which means I have dry patches of skin which need a little extra TLC from time to time otherwise the dryness turns flaky and it just looks horrendous.  So with this Mineral Cleansing Paste, I have the option of using this daily or a few times a week depending on how my skin is feeling. After using, my skin feels soft and smooth to the touch, not in any way dry or taut and it smells just divine.

Priced at £18.50, if you need something to give your skin a boost, then this Merumaya Mineral Cleansing Paste is definitely the one you need to be trying.

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  1. It sounds really lovely, gotta love a good natural exfoliator xx

  2. This sounds brilliant. I love their Mud Marvel mask.

    Roxie |

  3. Ooooo this sounds so good! I've not ever tried the brand before, but I need to !

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. I've tried a couple of their products and liked them x

  5. It sounds lovely and I adore it isn’t rough and the ingredients are natural x

  6. I haven't tried a cleansing paste before, this sounds good!

  7. I need something like this, sounds perfect!


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